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Posted on April 25th, 2014 by essay

It is found that today many linguists, researchers, and other experts debate over the norms and standards of English. These debates that refer to “Standard English”, grammar rules and correctness are very intense in today’s environment, and they can extend far beyond the academic context. According to Tony Bex and Richard J. Watts (1999), current debates are focused on the methods of teaching English in the school and university curriculum, and they include some more general concerns regarding the declining standards of English that can be discussed in the international, historical and social context (11). It is clear that the traditional concept of Standard English or Standard British English has always been essential in the teaching of English as a […]

Essay on Health Information Management in Organization

Posted on March 30th, 2013 by essay

It is known that any modern healthcare organization requires appropriate health information systems which will make the work of the medical staff more efficient. Today, healthcare informatics will make it possible not only to facilitate the work of healthcare providers but also it will help to develop new methods and new technologies to achieve success in all the spheres of medical services. I’d like to represent Tripler Army Medical Center. This healthcare organization is known for its new methods of treatment and the use of up to date technologies including healthcare information systems. This hospital supports the US military personnel, their families and the US military veterans that is why it is very important for the medical staff to have […]

Impacts of Translating Arabic Poetry into English

Posted on March 17th, 2013 by essay

Language, as we know, is an important means of human communication through which people exchange ideas and seek for mutual understanding. Communication between people by means of language is possible in two ways: orally and in writing. If people speak one language then the communication takes place directly, but when people speak different languages then direct communication becomes impossible. In this case people need to translate information in their own language and translation, therefore, is an important auxiliary means to ensure implementation of the language, of its communicative function in cases when people express their thoughts in different languages. Thus, translation plays an important role in the exchange of ideas between different peoples and serves to the spread of world’s […]

Management Information Technology Paper

Posted on October 11th, 2012 by essay

Information is the part of our life and every day, even every second we are looking for important information. People need different kinds of information and the most value information for person is that what they are looking for exactly in this moment. The value of information depends from different moments and one moment includes tasks what can be solved with its help. It is important to have actual information during work in constantly changing conditions. If valuable and actual information is expressed in strange and incomprehensible words, it can be useless. Information becomes clear and understandable, if it is expressed a language, which those, who this information is intended talk on. This work will be about information technology and […]

Organization of Hezbollah

Posted on October 8th, 2012 by essay

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah was the first|first-run| spiritual|spirit| founder|incorporator| and leader of Hezbollah. Sheikh Hussein Fadlallah headed the organization until 1985 year, when the Israeli special services attempted on his life. After it he left his post in organization remaining its spiritual|spirit| leader. He was succeeded by Abbas Musawi, who was killed in 1992 by Israelis (an Israeli Defence Forces helicopter attacked the automobile of Abbas Musawi). Then sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, filling a post of Secretary general, became the leader of Hezbollah. He has been holding this post up to the present moment. Since the end|end-point| of 80-th, and|but| especially after Hassan Nasrallah became the head of organization, Hezbollah became much|far| more politically active. Hezbollah created a strong structure of […]