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Criminal Behavior essay

Posted on June 1st, 2012 by essay

The following research is based on the analysis of factors, which lead to criminal behavior. The material for the research is violence and aggression among teenagers, who become criminals. It should be mentioned that teenage is characterized by instability and hostility towards other people. It depends on many factors, which will be thoroughly discussed in the following research. Psychological analysis of the murder will be based mainly on frustration-aggression theory and excitation transfer theory, as well as other psychological hypothesis. Analysis of these theories helps understand whether it is possible to prevent further spread of aggression among children and teenagers.   Every day we come across numerous examples of aggression in TV-programs, literature and newspapers. And we ask ourselves: what […]

Term paper on Violent Media Causes Aggressive Behavior

Posted on April 16th, 2014 by essay

One of the factors promoting imitation is the current tendency associated with the desire of the authors of a media text to make violence aesthetically attractive, “glamorous”. For example, attractive actors are invited for the roles of gangsters and their girlfriends, the “bad guys” enjoy the sweet life in the casino, restaurants, luxury spas, etc. In such plots criminals are often depicted as normal and even nice people who do well their job for good money, they know what the real friendship and love is, and their “job” is shown as norm that has an equal right for existing, and even more attractive or promising certain privileges (Krcmar and Vieira 273). Another, opposite but still dangerous, example of the aestheticized […]

Essay on Violent Media Causes Aggressive Behavior

Posted on April 16th, 2014 by essay

Violent and aggressive behavior today is the most popular problem associated with the interaction of children and television. Studies conducted in the USA have shown that the average ten-year-old child spends more time watching television than in the classroom, and this situation has not changed for more than 20 years (Gerbner 130), and by the age of 12, the child is exposed to 20,000 scenes of murders and about 100,000 other scenes of violence shown in the media (Basta 222-223), which cannot but have an impact on the formation of the psyche. Thus, longitudinal statistical study of over 875 male and female primary school pupils, conducted by Eron et al. (46), showed that eight-year-old children who prefer television programs with […]

50 years of Criminal Justice

Posted on July 28th, 2012 by essay

A criminal penalty is a measure of state coercion, applied on behalf of the state for a court to the person who committed a crime, and it is provided by criminal law limiting the rights and freedoms of the convicted. As a fact, punishment in criminal law measures the impact of the state applicable to the person who committed the crime. Punishment, therefore, is a kind of social consequence of crime. In legal terms the punishment serves as a basic form of the implementation of criminal responsibility. State’s right to punish derives from the problem of security people living together in society, maintaining intact the “legal system of social life.” Currently, penalties are usually applied only to the court and the only statutory procedural […]

Gender Differences in the Crime Rate and New Female Criminals

Posted on July 26th, 2012 by essay

Traditionally, crime was perceived as violation of the social order and criminals were viewed as outcasts unable to live in the society and inclined to deviant behavior. In the course of time, the negative view on crime has not change, though the traditional view on a criminal has started to changes since the late 20th century. In actuality, the stereotyped image of a criminal as a marginalized male is a bit out-of-date because a number of factors need to be taken into consideration, including the gender of a criminal. In this respect, it should be said that along with crime rates differences depending on then ethnic origin of criminals, today, it is necessary to take into consideration gender differences as […]