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Current Role of Telephone essay

Posted on April 25th, 2014 by essay

The significance of telephone invention is of no doubt and is at least proved by the establishment of the Bell Telephone Memorial. At first, the ability to speak with people who are far away was already a great step forward for people. But of course, they were restricted to the certain location by the cables. That was a stimulus for the development of mobile phones, which made it easy to connect to anyone anywhere at any moment of the day and night. But by the middle of the twentieth century telephone business has become a hot zone. In order to stay competitive, telephone producers began to provide certain other services except speaking. From the very beginning mobile phones substituted and […]

Essay on The effectiveness of banking system in Germany in “Germany’s banking system: Old-fashioned but in favour”

Posted on April 19th, 2014 by essay

Summary The authors of the article state that being Europe’s biggest economy, Germany has the most antiquated banking sector. The three-pillar system (savings banks, co-operative banks and private banks), long existing in Germany, seems to be too specialized in their serving households, small and Mittelstand companies and should theoretically be ineffective in the contemporary world of internationalization and consolidation. However, the unique business model of German banks basing on the system of joint liability within each sector still showed its withstanding in recent crisis conditions, as well as is demonstrating high performance since 2007 due to the reduction of medium- and long-term lending by private banks and increase in those from the side of savings and co-operative banks (“Germany’s banking […]

Essay on Audit

Posted on March 27th, 2013 by essay

With the development of transnational corporations, integration and transformation of accounting firms to large international groups appeared a need to harmonize auditing globally. Problems in the audit are almost identical worldwide, so the professional organizations of any country when solving specific problem primarily study variant of its solutions in other organizations. In its essence audit is verification, revision. Currently, an audit is a separate sphere of business of professional auditors to implement independent audits of financial statements. Auditors may also provide additional services related to advising on accounting and tax legislation. The role of auditing lies in ensuring the reliability of financial reporting due to their independence from the subject of inspection, the opportunity to obtain an independent and, hence, […]


Custom essays on Budgets

Posted on March 24th, 2013 by essay

The city budget has a separate capital budget and capital improvement program for health care system, education, and transportation system in the city. In fact, there are three special programs, which have common goals and which attempt to stimulate the development of the high quality of health care services in the city, education and well-developed, modern, advanced transportation system. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the budget pays a particular attention to the immediate and long range plans for the development of health care services, education, and transportation system in Kingston. To put it more precisely, the budget has short-run plan for the maintenance and development of the local health care, education, and transportation system for […]


Managing Sport Organizations Essay

Posted on September 20th, 2012 by essay

Charleston Battery is a sport organization, which was formed in 1993 and, since the day of its foundation, it has been progressing steadily focusing on sport activities as well as the work with supporters, who are strategically important for the organization. The team of Charleston Battery is playing in the USL A-League and it has already achieved a considerable progress since the quality of the play of the team and professionalism of each of 28 players has increased substantially, to the extent that today they can compete with other teams playing in the USL A-League. At any rate, Charleston Battery had a long way to go from a beginning team to an experienced team with well-qualified employees and loyal supporters. […]