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Essay on The Non-existent Country of Yugoslavia: the Consequences of the Kosovo War 1998-1999

Posted on April 20th, 2014 by essay

Introduction Until 1991, Yugoslavia was the largest state in the Balkans. For historical reasons, the country was populated by people of many nationalities, and over time the differences between ethnic groups were growing along with the nationalism. Since the economic crisis of the 1980’s the national contradictions between the peoples of Yugoslavia were escalating even more: while the north-western republics, Slovenia and Croatia, flourished, the living standards in the south-eastern republics left much to be desired. Thus, labor productivity, wages and living standards of Kosovo were the lowest in Yugoslavia and per 1000 employed in the public sector there were 216 unemployed (Judah 1999: 8). Mass indignation was growing in Yugoslavia indicating that the Yugoslavs did not consider themselves as […]

War film essay

Posted on August 17th, 2012 by essay

Warm films has always been taking a considerable part in our everyday life. Since the times the cinematography appeared war topic has become one of the most popular theme, showing brave and self-sacrificing people who were eager to offer up their lives in order to save someone and the country. First war films appeared in the 19th century and were devoted to Spanish-American War: “The first war film to be documented was a one-reel, 90-second propagandist effort – the Vitagraph Company’s fictitious Tearing Down the Spanish Flag (1898), produced in the year of the Spanish-American War. It portrayed a faked, reconstructed version of the seizure of a Spanish government installation in Havana by U.S. Army troops, the removal of the […]

Terrible Reality of War Essay

Posted on July 26th, 2012 by essay

All Quiet on the Western Front and Path of Glory center on the theme of war and price ordinary people pay for the ambitions of the politicians. Both, the book and the movie show terrible reality of war and shed light to the real causes and motifs of war. All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque is a novel, which describes the events of the First World War. The novel is an account of the events of the war. We can trace the destinies of young German soldiers, who sacrifice their lives, mesmerized by the talks about honor and fighting for the fatherland. Remarque very vividly describes how politicians, who are strong and influential leaders, use their […]

Media Representations of the War on Terrorism Essay

Posted on June 8th, 2012 by essay

In recent years the world community has faced a very serious problem it is currently attempting to cope with, the problem of terrorism. In fact nowadays the terror war is gradually become the main form of struggle of weaker states or some organizations against oppression and dominance of the leading countries of the world, including the only superpower the US. This is why, in the current situation the terror war and war on terror are getting to be the main threat to the stability of the development of the global society, since due to the process of globalization national borders tend to disappear to the extent that it is possible to speak about the solid world community that have to […]

Final Research Paper: Origins of Palestinian-Israel Conflict

Posted on March 12th, 2013 by essay

Drawing the images of Israeli-Palestine conflict, most of us see Arabs as violent terrorists, who are going to kill innocent people. This approach is wrong in fact. Not many people know that terroristic manifestations were at first showed by Jewish people. At this part, we have to remind already noticed Zionists, whose amount on Palestinian land was always increasing after 1917. Mark Thomsen writes in next way: “After the League of Nations had mandated Palestine to Britain in the 1920s the British government began to have second thoughts about the creation of a Jewish homeland. The local Palestinian population was increasingly and violently opposing the growing Jewish population in Palestine. Furthermore, it became clear that the Zionists would not be […]