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Custom essays on Childhood obesity

Posted on March 28th, 2013 by essay

Instruments for data collection and measurement For the whole Healthy Passage research data collection protocols and materials were standardized and included validation procedures, field and training manuals. Field interviewers collected anthropomorphic data of the child (height, weight, BMI), child and parent also completed a computer-assisted personal interview and audio self-interview (also computer assisted, without the interviewer). Neighborhood observation of the child’s environment was performed by two trained observers. Physical activity was measured using the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Measures for neighborhood environment were based on the questionnaire of Chicago Neighborhood Community Survey, created in the context of the Project on Human Development (Franzini et al., 2009). Reliability and validity of the […]

Portrait of a Writer research paper

Posted on April 27th, 2014 by essay

It is known that writing is an art that requires efforts, patience and skills. The process of writing is focused on the knowledge and personal experience of the writer. Writing gives an opportunity to transmit the individual’s thoughts and ideas. Each writer has his own approach to the writing process. As a rule, writing depends on the emotional state of the writer, on his or her personal characteristics and behavior (Elbow 23). Among the greatest writers are William Shakespeare, Jack London, Sidney Sheldon, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ayn Rand, Jules Verne and a number of other writers who are famous all over the world and whose works are known to any educated man. As for me, I really appreciate their literary works. […]


Informal Essay

Posted on May 19th, 2012 by essay

httpv:// Free essays suggest a broad statement on the content that is not tied to any literary era, the author or product. They often rely on everyday human experience, philosophy, literary works, and others. Therefore, the material should be free to choose this topic from almost any sphere of human activity. The arguments may go beyond the pure literary criticism as well as free themes to a greater extent, tolerate or even welcome your personal attitude to various issues. It requires the ability to select the hard material analysis, cut off the excess, so as not to leave the topic, do not miss out on necessary that the theme has not been disclosed to the surface. The essay should have […]

Expository Essay

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httpv:// Exposition is communicational explanatory in writing or in speech. This is an organized prose explaining different specific issues and topics. Expository compositions provide some information and its analysis. Such type of essay may have an opened main argument, which does set topic’s ulterior points of view. It differs from the compelling scientific work at the level of argument and research it uses. While a descriptive composition should be concentrated on a certain topic and to show its point with specific examples, it usually does not have the depth of investigation or submission that you need from the main purpose of the study from standardized or examination test. This composition should consist of next general elements, which have certain standard […]

Exploratory Essay

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httpv:// Exploratory Essay, it is a work written in the scientific study of subject (an object, phenomenon) in order to identify patterns of its occurrence, development and transformation in the interests of society. Exploratory essays are based on a particular human activity, which is regulated by the activity of consciousness and personality, designed to meet the cognitive, creative activity. The product is new knowledge, and has specific ways and means of relating to the formulation of the problem, identifying the object of research, conducting experiments, describing and explanation of the facts, creating a hypothesis and testing the knowledge gained. The problem in the exploratory essay is taken as a category, which means something unknown to science, which will open the […]