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Sanple essay – Credit Card Good or bad?

Posted on April 5th, 2012 by essay

Credit Card is a plastic card, issued by a credit institution, and then the bank offers the customer a credit line, bounded by a certain limit. It will be necessary to provide documents proving your income, and most companies now prefer to calculate salaries for gray schemes. The bank will give you the credit card, but it will be also reviewed for the limit. Even more difficult it is to obtain a big limit for it. Basic plus of the credit card is an opportunity to use credit card as needed without the involvement of your own funds. In addition, interest is charged only on the used amount. You can use a credit card to withdraw money in an ordinary […]

Micro-Payment Systems – The Route to a Cashless Society essay

Posted on June 8th, 2012 by essay

Nowadays, the development of information technologies provides ample opportunities for the development of new business as well as it also changes traditional commerce. In actuality, the latter is gradually replaced by e-commerce. In such a situation, it is obvious that traditional system of payments become outmoded and practically useless in the highly technological world. As a result, such a shift in systems of payments stimulates the development of micro-payment systems which do not need any cash to be used in the process of purchasing. In spite the fact that the micro-payment system are relatively new and do not have a long history of being used, their effectiveness is considered to be extremely high as they can make purchases substantially faster […]