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United Nations Protocol for Genetically Altered Food

Posted on July 26th, 2012 by essay

The United Nations Biosafety Protocol for Genetically Modified organisms is intended to protect biological diversity from risk, caused by genetic modifications in contemporary biotechnology. It clarifies that modern technology should take into account definite principles and act so that developing countries preserve their nations’ health, but not just profit from making genetically modified products. These products are called “genetically modified organisms” in the Protocol. What is more, its article four states that it is necessary to “apply to the transponder movement, transit, handling and use of all living modified organisms that may have adverse effects”(Article 4). In accordance with the Biosafety Protocol, every product should be scientifically checked if it is safe and is not modified. It is also stated […]

Are students eating healthy food ? sample essay

Posted on April 2nd, 2012 by essay

Are students eating healthy food contributing to reactionary changes within the hospitality industry? It goes without saying that students are the most energetic and active part of the whole population. Students are everywhere: at the institutes and universities, in the libraries, at different parties, concerts, discos etc. And of course they spend much energy for all their activities. And it is obvious that the energy content must constantly be filled up because it influences much the health of people, especially students. Food is the main source of this fulfillment. Healthy food means our good health. Recently students began to pay more attention to their health and, therefore, they prefer healthy food. As it was previously said, our health depends much […]

Stem cell essay

Posted on April 20th, 2015 by essay

Stem cell research: the failure of bioethics by Don Marquis In recent years the issue of human embryonic stem cell (hereafter HESC) research has engendered fierce debate. Some object to HESC research because they say it involves taking a human life. Others argue that its prospective benefits are so huge that not to pursue it would be immoral. It is unreasonable to think that such a controversy will be resolved by journalists or politicians or, for that matter, by patients who hope for a cure from some dreadful disease. However, it does seem reasonable that practitioners of academic bioetbics should be able to help us clarify this issue. Presumably academics have the proper interests and education to think clearly about […]

Strategic Planning essay

Posted on April 24th, 2014 by essay

Unit 3 – Information from Customers. When attempting to secure information on customer or stakeholder expectations, there are a number of ways of getting information. Besides the focus group, name and describe the technique or method as well as the positive and/or negative aspects of the method named. The easiest way to realize what the customer wants is to ask him or her. But how this is done may vary. Different companies utilize advisory bodies, questionnaires and focus groups. The information obtained from these tools may be qualitative, quantitative or even both. The company should decide what it wishes to get from this process and how much it wishes to spend since there are expenses associated with each method. There […]

Essay on Culture and Mainstream Thinkers

Posted on April 21st, 2014 by essay

The issue of culture is now used in the broad sense and involves a great number of aspects. Scholars regard it differently, as consideration of the views of the mainstream thinkers is really a complicated but captivating task. Their clearly-cut phrases present condensed wisdom and require deep consideration. Luckily, TED dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading” allows the thinkers to speak about the key issues, culture in particular, disturbing all layers of society. The most general idea is given by a renowned journalist and best-selling writer Malcolm T. Gladwell who accentuates that there are many ways to happiness, but not the only one. In his “Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce” the thinker analyses the research conducted by psychologist Howard Moskowitz. The […]