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The Genius Factory Essay

Posted on September 20th, 2012 by essay

“The Genius Factory” by David Plotz evoked a number of controversial issues which remained unnoticed for a considerable part of the American society. In fact, this book has revealed the extent to which the modern science can be poorly regulated and controlled that may lead to the violation of rights or the limitation of rights of people using advancements of modern science. In this respect, the problem of artificial fertilization and further life of children and their biological and actual parents is very complicated. To put it more precisely, there is a serious problem when biological fathers are unaware of their children, who were born due to the use of their semen, while children are brought up in families which […]

Literary Genius of Oscar Wilde Essay

Posted on July 27th, 2012 by essay

Outline Early years of Oscar Wilde First literary works of Wilde Wilde’s fairy-tales and his Happy Prince as an autobiographical piece of writing The Picture of Dorian Gray – the only novel by Oscar Wilde Wilde as a playwright Accusation and trial Years of imprisonment Last years and literary prophesy of Wilde   Oscar Wilde was born on October 16 in 1854. His parents were talented people and definitely passed their talents to their son. His mother, Jane Francesca Wilde, was a poet and journalist. His father was a gifted surgeon and a talented writer. Oscar got good education. While his studying in Oxford he joined an aesthetic movement which proclaimed that art should be devoted to art itself. After […]

Essay term paper on Henry VIII second part

Posted on May 7th, 2014 by essay

Inclined to mysticism, Henry assured himself that it was God’s Providence that punished him for that he has was married with his brother’s wife. He saw only one solve of this situation – a divorce. In principle this was possible. It was only necessary to obtain the consent Katharine and the Pope. However, Henry’s wife refused to divorce, and the Pope, being under strong pressure from Charles V, Katharine’s nephew, always put off the decision. Meanwhile, the lady in waiting of Queen Anne Boleyn, has long consisted in having an affair with Henry, became pregnant. Longing to have an heir Henry decided to get secretly married with her. Now the termination of a previous marriage was for him not only […]

Research paper on Malthusian Melancholy as the Hunting Specter of Karl Marx

Posted on May 4th, 2014 by essay

Economics has always played a crucial role in human life, but particularly, it relates to our time. For instance, Marx talked about the absurdity of ideas, according to which the ancient world lived by politics, while the Middle Ages were oriented at Catholicism. It is undoubtful fact that mankind has always lived by economic interests, and only on this basis, there could be politics, religion and other ideologies. Thus, the modern economy powerfully interferes in the lives of everyone nowadays. Before we begin to discuss Malthusian melancholy as the hunting specter of Karl Marl, it is necessary to mention that according to Helburn & Bramhall (1986), the genius of Marx with standing precisely was in the fact that he gave […]

Poem “Schoolsville” by Billy Collins essay

Posted on May 3rd, 2014 by essay

The first thoughts after reading of Collinns’s “Schoolsville”, in general, were about a teacher who slowly lost his mind because he became older and weaker from day to day. But after reading the first few verses we can see that the person in the poem is simply reminiscing. However, if to read this poem to the end, the story becomes quite clear. These verses illustrate that the person in this composition has created his own small world, full of events in his head. The last strophe in the poem shows personal proves of the person’s delusion, making us imagine how the outside big world views him. An old student visited that teacher to talk to him and check how his […]