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Race is not a simple matter of skin color, but a socially constructed category

Posted on August 18th, 2012 by essay

The issues of race and skin color relation have been always rather versatile and much argued about. This is important however to define the complete and real meaning of the notion “ race”, as we strongly believe that it can not be seen only as some biological feature of a person or group of individuals, rather as a phenomenon caused by social construction. This is evident, that the color of the skin as well as some other factors in human appearance were grouped and united under certain classification of races. However the physical differences of various populations are inseparable from the cultural differences of these groups. This means, that biological and cultural characteristics taken together are able to serve as […]

“Blues Eyes, Brown Eyes” videos essay

Posted on May 1st, 2014 by essay

In the period of global civil rights movement which was intended to defend the equality of people’s rights without judging by skin colour Affirmative action policy became the issue for discussion and provoked even more evident opposition of black and white people. The idea of affirmative action policy was providing more opportunities for people who used to be discriminated or limited in their opportunities. It was suggested to be implemented at schools, universities and among employers. A kind of quota was offered for black skin students and employees. They had to have more guarantee of entering a university or getting a good job opportunity. So, both on mandatory or voluntary basis the quota principle was practiced in different institutions. However, […]

Essay on “Blues Eyes, Brown Eyes” videos

Posted on May 1st, 2014 by essay

As you complete this assignment, think about the following: •How is race socially constructed?. •How do we socialize children to recognize race and ethnicity?. •How do we define racism, prejudice and discrimination and how do they relate to privilege?.   Race is socially constructed as there are no biological or other scientific evidence that people with different skin colors have some varieties in mental or physical abilities or that one race is superior in something than the other ones. However, skin color may be successfully used as a tool of maintaining the dominance of one group over another group of people. It is beneficial for some group of people but offensive for others and definitely unfair. Children should be socialized […]

Essay on Caribbean people in Canada

Posted on April 27th, 2014 by essay

The characteristic feature of Canada is its multiculturalism and an acceptance of diversity (Reitz & Banerjee, 2006). Besides, Canada is considered a country that deals with pluralism more successfully than other societies. However, inequity and vulnerability of human rights in educational sphere remain a problem of the Canadian society. In this regard, many researchers state that there is a need to make racial diversity among students more acceptable than it is now. The solution of this problem is among major priorities in education. The predominance of whiteness in educational area is racial discrimination which is associated with unjust power relations. Canada is known to be a dynamic reflection of the immigration trend in modern globalized world where people of different […]

Essay on Sociology of Medicine

Posted on April 20th, 2014 by essay

Health care is a very important topic of concern for Americans today.  What care is to be provided, to whom, as well as who will fund it, is the topic of constant debate. What is not always highlighted is how these decisions affect the individuals experiencing illness and seeking care. An inquire into the situation, resulted in interviews with patients with Chronic Illnesses. I will discuss the responses to interviews of these patients, in the context of how they have been affected socially, how their illnesses have affected them financially and how they have been discriminated against because of their illness. Chronic illness has more of a social effect on the individuals/patients than may be realized by most. Some of […]