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Term paper Article Review: Breakup, Divorce, and Bereavement

Posted on May 2nd, 2014 by essay

The article under discussion is Breakup, Divorce, and Bereavement by Hendrich. In his article the author using a typical example of family case overviews, analyzes and explains in a plain and understandable way the essence of such phenomena of relationship losses as breakup, divorce as one of its significant subtypes, and bereavement. All three topics described by the author are very similar and have a lot in common, but at the same time they have very peculiar features which need to be presented and discussed separately, as they have different manifestations and affect people’s feelings, physical and mental health in different ways. In general, in our opinion, the article is very relevant in modern society and can be considered useful […]

Research paper on Lesson Plan VII Topic: Mixed Operations with Fractions

Posted on April 18th, 2014 by essay

Topic: Mixed Operations with Fractions Grade level: 5 Objectives: the students will be able to have a practice of mixed operations with fractions and to develop fluency with fraction concepts. Materials and resources: math books, pencils, paper, colored markers, fraction cards for the game and testing, online program to practice mixed operations with fractions. Pre-activities: The group of students will review the rules of addition, subtracting, multiplication and division of fractions. In addition, the students will be given a number of questions about the above mentioned operations with fractions What is the meaning of dominator (a common dominator)? What is a numerator? How to find equivalent fractions? What is improper fraction? How to identify mixed numbers? How to compare fractions […]

Term paper on Instructional Unit

Posted on April 18th, 2014 by essay

TABLE OF CONTENTS Instructional Unit Overview of the Instructional Unit 1.1.  The Major Instructional Goal of the Unit 1.2.  The Appropriate Audience Material List for the Instructional Unit Task Analysis (Goal Analysis) Performance Objectives for Tasks and Subtasks Seven Lesson Plans 5.1.  Lesson Plan I 5.2.  Lesson Plan II 5.3.  Lesson Plan III 5.4.  Lesson Plan IV 5.5.  Lesson Plan V 5.6.  Lesson Plan VI 5.7.  Lesson Plan VII Assessment and Evaluation Method Report on the Instructional Unit Summary of the Instructional Problem 1.1  Discussion of the Major Findings from the Needs Analysis Conducted on the Problem 1.2  Discussion of why the Determined Problem Could be Addressed with Instruction 1.3  Discussion of the Major Findings from Learner and Task Analysis […]

The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper

Posted on March 8th, 2013 by essay

The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper Psychology has a diverse nature. Psychology is the discipline that studies mental processes, including internal cognitive processes of individuals, as well as sociocognitive processes that occur in society, which involves culture. The field of mental processes includes various cognitive phenomena, emotional and conative, as well as the structures of reasoning and cultural rationality. The Latin word – psychology was first used by the poet and Christian humanist in his book Marko Marulić “Psichiologia of Humanae animae ratione” in the late fifteenth or early XVI. Psychology – is an area of scientific knowledge, exploring the features and patterns of occurrence, formation and development (change) mental processes (sensation, perception, memory, thought, imagination), mental states (tension, motivation, […]

Philosophy research paper: Health Care System Reforms

Posted on October 12th, 2012 by essay

The issue of health reform has been on the agenda for a century, but the U.S. government still hasn’t made any steps in this direction. A single accident or illness can lead the Americans without health insurance to bankruptcy. However, the reform has provoked serious debates both in the society and among politicians. Not even all Democrats in Congress support it. A wave of public protests ran through the country. There of course was opposition from Republicans and insurance companies that risk having billion-dollar losses. Healthcare reform proposed by the President aims to provide insurance to those who need it, and give confidence to those who are already insured. The new plan provides the improvement of the existing health insurance […]