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Effat University is a private non-profit higher education institution in Saudi Arabia, which operates under the umbrella of King Faisal’s Non-Profit Charitable Organization. ( its aim is to provide a quality education for women in Saudi Arabia, to educate leaders at an international standard by providing an interdisciplinary environment conducive to inspired teaching, learning, and research. (

However, in many modern universities the stated strategy may not fully reflect the actual quality of education. In many organizations there is often a gap between strategic objectives written on the top level of management  and there real implementation. The concept of Balanced Scorecard helps to overcome the dramatic gap between high-level strategic goals and operational management. (Kaplan and Norton 1996)

Balanced scorecard of educational institution can be represented as a set of four projections:

1. customers (students, students, graduates, job seekers, masters, bachelors, contact companies and organizations – the objects of educational services);

2. processes;

3. finance;

  1. potential.

The quality of education at the university should be considered as an integral key indicator of the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire institution. This figure should match the level of student performance, that is, the ratio of the number of students with “good” and “excellent” marks to the total number of students. As an integral indicator of the quality of education it is influenced by the quality index of management of the institution, as well as evaluation of the level of satisfaction with the learning process and the level of psychological comfort of students.

Quality control is the most important integral indicator, which directly affects the quality of the educational process and includes:
– Organizational (infrastructure) indicator of the quality of education characterized by the available learning area per student;
– Information indicator, which includes staffing the classroom with information and communication means of education;

– Scientific indicator, characterized by the teaching staff and the number of scientific schools falling on a chair;
– Methodological indicator, the level of which should be evaluated as the ratio of the number of ready-made (designed and used in the learning process) elements of teaching materials to the number of elements of teaching materials in all specialties and disciplines.

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