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In actuality, advance practice nurses perform extremely important functions in the contemporary health care system and in hospital setting. For instance, advance practice nurses working in Women’s health clinic have to perform their professional functions at the superior quality level to provide patients with nursing and health care services. Advance practice nurses should come prepared to provide patients with diagnostic and treatment services performing their professional functions and duties properly. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that advance practice nurses should have extensive knowledge and skills in the field of health care and develop their professional duties and responsibilities along with their professional skills and abilities.

The Advance Practice Nurse’s Role in Women’s Health Clinic

Advanced practice nurses can write prescriptions and be involved in the management of health problems through examination, diagnosis, education and counseling. They can diagnose and manage common acute and stable chronic health problems. They can perform comprehensible physical examinations, order and interpret diagnostic tests, request specialty consultations, perform and prescribe therapeutic measures and furnish medications. In such a way, advance practice nurses can just take the responsibility and to perform functions of a health care professional, who can conduct the comprehensible examination of patients and prescribe therapeutic measures to improve the health condition of the patient.

The Advance Practice Nurse’s Role Related to the Department of Health Women’s Health Clinic

Advanced practice nurses perform the role of care providers and focus on the comprehensible physical examination of patients filling the gap between nurses and physicians. They may take a decision on the basic management of health problems they identify in patients or to recommend them consulting a physician. In terms of the Department of Health, advanced practice nurses fulfill an important function of basic diagnosis of main problems that women may encounter, when they need the assistance of health care professionals working in women’s health clinics. In fact, the Department of Health relies heavily on advance practice nurses because they enhance consistently the nursing staff and facilitate the work of physicians because advance practice nurses can focus on basic health problems that patients of women’s health clinics may encounter. For instance, advance practice nurses can focus on diagnosing and treatment of common health problems that women naturally encounter in the course of their life. When the qualification of advance practice nurses is not sufficient to treat patients successfully, they may transfer patients to physicians, who conduct the further examination of patients and appoint the treatment on the ground of their diagnosis. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that many patients of women’s health clinics suffer from regular problems, which do not need the interference of physicians, while the qualification of advance practice nurses is sufficient to provide them with accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

The Advance Practice Nurse’s Educational Preparation

Advanced practice nurses should have advanced preparation for expanded clinical practice by earning a master degree in nursing. Their specific training and skills make them different than other registered nurses. In such a way, they should come prepared to cope with challenges of their professional performance and to pay attention to their professional development and education. The master degree in nursing is basically sufficient for the effective performance of advance practice nurses but the professional experience in the field of nursing is very important because nurses can learn from their experience how to act in extreme, urgent situations, when they have to take decisions fast and they have to provide patients with nursing care or first aid immediately.

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