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According to the numerous psychological researches, there are no perfect women as well as there are no perfect men. However, human relations should be based on the certain principles that is why it is necessary to pay attention to the traits of character and behavior of your partner. It is known that there are several types of women that men should avoid in order to have sound personal relationships. Women can be classified according to different principles:

  • according to the traits of character;
  • according to the appearance;
  • according to the types of activity.

Men are recommended to avoid women who have the following traits of character:

  • aggression;
  • constant falsehood;
  • absence of morals;
  • dullness.

The next group of women that men should avoid include the following ones:

  • pretty women who think that they are the prettiest in the world;
  • mediocre women who think that they are the prettiest in the world;
  • unattractive women who think that they are the most unattractive in the world.

According to the type of activity men should avoid those women who play the dominant role, who have higher positions in the society, in other words whose status is much higher than the status of men. It will be very difficult for men to have normal relations with such women because they will be always discriminated by them.

Although the above mentioned classifications of women that men should avoid exist in our society, there may be some exceptions that is why any man should check this or that woman on the individual basis in order not to miss his fate.

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