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  1. 11.  Classwide interventions for students with ADHD:  A summary of teacher options beneficial for the whole class Authors: J. Harlacher, K. Merrell, N. Roberts (2006) Council for Exceptional Children 39(2), 6-12.

J. Harlacher and other researchers (2006) explore possible intervention strategies for educators in the classroom to deal with students with ADHD. The study involved students with ADHD and the researchers suggest using physical exercises to improve their condition. However, there is no comparison of different systems of physical exercises to understand their effectiveness in the treatment of ADHD. Nevertheless, the researchers point out positive effects of physical exercises on the behavior of children with ADHD.

Implications for future research are very significant. The elaboration of the effective system of physical exercises that can have a positive impact on children with ADHD since, today, there is still no clear system that has proved its efficiency on the treatment of ADHD. Instead, many studies point out positive effects of exercise but no evidence of specific methodology of physical exercises have been found yet.

The elaboration of the effective system of physical exercises is still relevant and critical for the treatment of children with ADHD because the specific system of workout or physical exercises can help consistently to treat children with ADHD.

At the moment, existing studies suggest that physical exercises are useful but their effectiveness has not been compared. Therefore, there is the obvious gap in existing studies since it is still necessary to compare different physical exercises and workout programs to identify the most effective one and to help health care professionals and parents to apply the system of physical exercises to treat ADHD in children. Therefore, different physical exercises can be used as variables in further studies.

In addition, researchers should take into consideration the age and physical condition of patients with ADHD, their access to physical exercises, and the access to regular monitoring of their physical condition by health care professionals.

The further research can be done involving children of different age with ADHD living in different locations and belonging to different social classes. They should use several systems of physical exercises developed by health care professionals.

The further research should involve experiments, statistical analysis involving the analysis of changes in the physical condition of children involved in the study, interviews involving children, health care professionals, psychologists and children to find out possible behavioral changes in children with ADHD under the impact of different systems of physical exercises.

Thus, the further study of the impact of physical exercise on ADHD and its treatment is essential because currents studies reveal the positive effect of exercises on the condition of children with ADHD but they fail to identify how effective different systems of physical exercises are. Hence, this area needs further study and exploration to find out what systems are more effective and what systems of physical exercises should applied in the treatment of children with ADHD. Hence, the further research should involve different systems of physical exercises to trace their effect on children with ADHD.


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