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In this paper we are going to study and compare two books – China Shakes the World, by James Kynge and One Billion Customers, by James McGregor. Both books are related to economical situation in China and are written by the experts in this issue, but still have sufficient differences. The emergence of China on the world stage was rather rapid and successful. There are various theories and theorists providing explanation for this fact. The major questions, which are asked in this relation are what can explain such a dramatic rise of a country and for how long it can continue in this way? James Kynge worked as journalist in Asia for twenty years and worked as the chief […]

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Peter Kolchin, the professor at the University of Delaware, US in his book American Slavery 1619-1877 reviews the antebellum age of slavery in such a detailed account that astonishes the reader. He tries to cast a thorough in-depth glance into what he purposefully calls “peculiar institution”; and in doing so manages to make use of a vast array of ideas, perspectives and positions. No doubt, his smart discussion on organization of slavery and paternalist discourse prevalent in the study of the antebellum South (in chapter 4 of his book) is foregrounding its continuation in the following chapter on slave life and the way African Americans managed to survive, form and direct their lives under slavery. The next issue in a […]

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