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     Federal Aviation Administration is a very important governmental agency which is responsible for the safety of civil aviation in the United States. This agency belongs to the United States Department of Transportation.

According to the Federal Aviation Act (1958), this organization was named Federal Aviation agency. In 1966, it was given the current name Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA.

It is known that Federal Aviation Administration performs  a great deal of different roles. They are the following ones:

  • to regulate commercial space transportation of the United States;
  • to control flight inspection standards;
  • to develop new aviation technologies;
  • to control civil aviation;
  • to develop the system of air traffic control and navigation. It is related to both the civil aviation and military air craft;
  • to conduct researches in the sphere of the National Air Space System;
  • to develop civil aeronautics;
  • to develop special programs in order to control various effects of aviation including aircraft noise, sonic boom and other environmental effects of the US civil aviation.
  • to control the use of navigable airspace on the territory of the United States;
  • to install and navigate up to date air navigation facilities.

This governmental agency has its seal. (See Fig.1)

The annual budget of this organization is $15,956 billion, fiscal year 2010.

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