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The problem of the gun control is a serious problem in the modern American society because the US is the country where the right to bear arms is granted to people by the Constitution, but many people die or get injured regularly because of the use of firearms. In such a context, the problem of the gun control becomes crucial in terms of the prevention of accidents, involving guns, as well as the use of guns by criminals. Naturally, the US President cannot ignore such important issues as the gun control. However, the gun control policy cannot be changed in a day. In fact, the current situation in the US is disturbing but, before introducing any changes, including changes that can improve the system of the gun control, it is necessary to prepare the public and develop the proper implementation plan of the policy. Otherwise, the gun control policy is likely to fail, if it is not implemented properly because the public opposition as well as political position can lead to the failure of the law project. In order to avoid the failure of the law defining the new gun control system, it is necessary to develop an efficient strategy of the preparation and implementation of the law.

The successful implementation of the law is possible on the condition of the proper preparation of the law project as well as the preparation of the public opinion to support the law. In this respect, the preparation and implementation of the law has to undergo several stages. First of all, it is necessary to start with the identification of the problem proper. The problem of the gun control needs to be defined precisely, but, it is important to identify the problem in such a way that it would be clear and comprehensible to the public. To put it more precisely, it is necessary to identify the essence of the problem and formulate in a plausible, comprehensible way. In actuality, the problem of the gun control definitely refers to the problem of the real threat to the life of many Americans that the current gun policy bears. Today, law enforcement agencies cannot cope with the problem of the gun control because of the availability of gun to large masses of people, which sanctioned by the US Constitution. In such a context, it is necessary to clearly identify the problem as the problem of the ignorance of the real danger easily available gun represents to Americans or start acting and restrict the use and sales of gun in the US. Moreover, it is even possible to pose the problem of the gun control as a problem of choice between the ban of the right to possess and bear gun and the ongoing deterioration of the situation in the US because of the ineffectiveness of the existing system of the gun control. However, at the first step, it is necessary to identify that it is the gun available to Americans that is the problem.

The next step is agenda setting. At this stage, it is necessary to define the major issues related to the problem of the gun control. What is meant here is the fact that it is necessary to identify the major threats concerning the use of gun and its availability to Americans, including the threat of the misuse of gun and accidents involving guns, when people get injured or shot dead accidentally; the problem of the illegal use of gun by criminals, who have access to gun, because of its availability; mass shootings, such as the notorious Columbine shooting and more recent cases. At the same time, the agenda setting should include the basic steps that are to be undertaken. To put it more precisely, it is important to understand what the President should actually do with the help of the new law defining the new gun control policy. In this regard, the new law should either restrict consistently or it should ban the use of gun, stop the illegal turnover of guns, and make American citizens to refuse from gun and withdraw guns from the private ownership nationwide. Alternatively, it is necessary to develop efficient ways to restrict the availability of guns, its storage and use.

When the agenda is set, it is necessary to formulate the problem. On analyzing the essence of the problem and issues related to the problem of the gun control, the problem should be clearly formulated. The President should draw the most important, antagonistic issues and offer the best solution to the problem. For instance, the President can focus on the cases of mass murders, involving the use of gun, or the use of guns by criminals and offer the solution, which can prevent or minimize the risk of such misuse of gun. In such a context, the President should lay emphasis on the growing danger of gun, which is distributed nationwide en masse, and offer the solution to the problem the ban of gun use in the USA. The major goal of the formulation of the problem is to attract the public and to persuade people that the problem does need to be solved and the suggested law project is the perfect solution to the problem.

After that it is possible start working on the implementation of the law project. At first, it is necessary to promote the project by means of raising the public debate over the issue revealing the essence of the problem. In this respect, it is possible to use one of the shootings, which occur regularly in the US, and extend the problem to its full extend. At the same time, it is necessary to identify steps which can solve the problem, including the ban of gun, withdrawal of gun and the procedure of withdrawal and punishment for the illegal gun possession.

Finally, it is important to evaluate the law. What is meant here is the fact that it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the law. In terms of the public discussion, it will be possible to identify weak points of the law and introduce changes which meet the public opinion. In such a way, the law will not simply introduced by the President, but it will be a kind of manifestation of the will of people to solve the problem of gun control.

Thus, when all of the aforementioned steps are undertaken, the law can be implemented successfully. In this respect, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that the public opinion is a very powerful tool that can help the President to gain the support of legislators and he should use it extensively.

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