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Mr. Peters has suffered from the unjust and unacceptable actions conducted by Mr. Green. Although the actions of Mr. Green were not directed against Mr. Peters but it is Mr. Peters, who suffered the most from Mr. Peters locking the door of his office. As the matter of fact, such actions from the part of Mr. Green contradict apparently to existing legal norms and agreement as well as the contract between Mr. Green and Mr. Peters (Epstein, 2006). In addition, it is important to remind the fact that actions of Mr. Green contradict to existing legal regulations concerning conditions of work and workplace setting. In such a way, Mr. Peters has the right and must to appeal to the court because he suffered from actions of Mr. Green and exposed his life and health to the great danger. In this respect, Mr. Peters can rely on several key issues which prove that his position was extremely dangerous and the danger was provoked by Mr. Green and his unreasonable actions.

Violation of the existing health and safety norms and regulations

Mr. Peters has proved to be exposed to the great danger after the door was locked by Mr. Green. In this respect, actions of Mr. Green contradicted to the existing health and safety norms and regulations. To put it more precisely, Mr. Green, who ordered the services from the company represented Mr. Peters, should provide essential conditions of work and to create the workplace environment safe to Mr. Peters. This means that Mr. Green should keep the door of his office open to provide Mr. Peters with an opportunity to get an extra exit in case of emergency. In fact, Mr. Peters had the right to demand from Mr. Green to keep the door open respectively to the health and safety norms and regulations and simply out of sheer reason and logic because the position of Mr. Peters could be potentially dangerous. Anyway, Mr. Peters should have an opportunity to exit through the door or, alternatively, he should descend and enter the building to open the door. Until that moment, Mr. Peters should not and must not carry on his work because he intentionally exposed his life and health to risk.

Risk to the life and health of Mr. Peters

As the matter of fact, the life and health of Mr. Peters was really exposed to the great risk because, in case of emergency, Mr. Peters had no chances for escaping from scaffolds. For instance, in case of fire or damages of the scaffolds Mr. Peters had the only way to escape and this way was through the office of Mr. Green. In case of fire, Mr. Peters could escape and save his life only through the door of the office. In case of the damage of the scaffolds, Mr. Peters should get out of the scaffolds and exist the office to repair the scaffolds and warn people, who were outside the building about the potential danger of the scaffolds falling down. In any case, Mr. Green exposed the life and health of Mr. Peters to the great risk and danger.

Mr. Peters was not involved in the conflict between Mr. James and Mr. Green

Such actions of Mr. Green are even more irresponsible, taking into consideration the fact that Mr. Peters was not involved in the conflict between Mr. Green and Mr. James. Instead, he became the victim of this conflict, whereas Mr. Green used the helpless position of Mr. Peters and exposed his life and health to the great danger. As the matter of fact, Mr. Peters was not obliged to stay and do his job all the day. Instead he should just accomplish his work, while in case of emergency he needed to have an opportunity to escape but Mr. Green has locked the door. This means that the contract between Mr. Green and Mr. Peters does not mean the enslavement of Mr. Peters by Mr. Green for the time of the accomplishment of his job (Lobel, 2003). Mr. Green should preserve his rights and liberties and, therefore, he was free to go anywhere and anytime he liked as long as he managed to complete his job in terms defined by the contract. For instance, judging from Mr. Green’s position, Mr. Peters should not leave his workplace even if he died of the thirst, or if he had a heart strike, or any other health problem, or any sort of problem at all, which needed him to descend or go out of the scaffolds.

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