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The topics that touch religion are very special, as everyone has his opinion considering different facts that touch religion. The possibility of the School Prayer at a certain school should be discussed and those who accept the idea and those who do not accept the idea have to decide on the issue.

In the current case with a prayer at school, John and Mary have different opinions whether the prayer is needed or not.

As a fact, there are different ways to solve the problem, which include:

  1. Not allowing the prayer. – In this case John would not be glad with the result, but the option for him may be the prayer at home or in the Church.
  2. Allowing the prayer. In this case Mary would not like the idea of it.

The way out of this situation may involve parents and their opinion considering this issue.

All in all, for those who support School Prayer, the way out may be to pray at home or at Church, as stated in Prayer and the Public Schools Brochure. And for those who do not support the idea of School Prayer, they should explain why and then start solving the problem. Anyway, the solution to a problem should suit both parts that support and so not support the School Prayer, as described in Prayer in School – A Review of Current Case Law & Constitutional Principles.





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