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Custom term paper on Animal Rights vs. Humans Playing God

Posted on April 11th, 2014 by essay

Animals are used for scientific researches, especially for the research of effects on medicaments on living beings. In fact, existing requirements concerning the introduction of drugs make animal testing an integral part of the introduction of any medicine. Hence, pharmaceutical companies use animals to test their products. However, testing new medicines may be extremely dangerous for the life of animals and for their health as well. Often, they fail to survive testing. In addition, animals are used in other fields of researches. For instance, they are used in the cosmetic industry, when makeup products are tested using animals. Such tests are apparently harmful for animals but many scientists insist that such tests are essential for the safe use of different […]

Custom essay on Animal Rights vs. Humans Playing God

Posted on April 11th, 2014 by essay

Today, the problem of the protection of animal rights is often underestimated because people cannot put animals on the equal ground with humans. The deep-rooted belief of human superiority and animals’ inferiority affects consistently the attitude of people to animals. Even though some attempts to protect animals from the violation of their rights and violent and often sadistic attitude to them have been already implemented, but they are not enough and they refer mainly to pets, such as cats or dogs, while other animals are still unprotected and they are used by humans for food, clothing, research, and just for fun, regardless of sufferings animals suffer. In actuality, the position of animals is particularly dangerous because many species become extinct […]

Essay on Animal Rights

Posted on March 28th, 2013 by essay

Research Paper Outline Purpose: To put information out there to show the bounds of human responsibility toward animals. Introduction Opening: Today animal rights are an issue that is under debate. The public is divided on whether or not animals should have rights, are they feeling, thinking, and intelligent beings. They cannot agree if there should be limits and regulations on the way animals are treated and what they are used for all around the world. However animals from every country should have rights and there should be limits and regulations put on the way animals are treated and used in research, entertainment and clothing around the world. Connective Body: To show why there should be limits and regulations in all […]

Animals rights essay paper

Posted on March 27th, 2012 by essay

Do animals actually have rights? Who can grant these rights and who should control these rights? The discussions concerning animal rights are arising more and more often, and there are both supporters of animal rights and their adversaries. The purpose of this essay is to consider the pros and cons of animal rights and to discuss the existing viewpoints on this question. It is common knowledge that the state of the environment is getting worse each year, and that many animal species are under threat of disappearing, while many of them have already disappeared forever. The question is, whether humanity will be able to live without animals. Evidently, this is impossible. Animals serve as friends, companions, research material, food, transport […]

Animal Human Culture essay

Posted on April 23rd, 2014 by essay

Some experts try to focus their attention on negative aspects of human-animal relations. Sarah Knight and Harold Herzog discuss this issue in their book. They refer to the publication of 1993 The Role of Animals in Human Society in which it is possible to find a discussion on visibility of human-animal studies among different scholars in sociology. It is found that animals play a significant role in the lives of many people in this world. For example, companion animals can be regarded as the main source of psychological support in today’s stressful environment. According to Sarah Knight and Harold Herzog, “attachment to pets is often intense” as it was exemplified by many pet owners who simply refused to evacuate their […]