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Globalization is aimed at ensuring that the organization is able to work effectively with clients, no matter what country its consumers come from, taking into account the local cultural features. Thus, the concept of glocal marketing introduces new standards in accuracy of implementation of global marketing strategies. Glocal marketing concept recognizes the need for balance and harmony between standardization and adaptation, homogenization and individual approach, concentration and diffusion, synchronization and flexibility, integration and separation of marketing activities (Wilken and Sinclair, 2011; Sinclair and Wilken, 2009). Glocal marketing approach means that the global and local features are equally taken into account and optimize the marketing strategy. History knows plenty examples of failed international marketing that faced the local features and lost. […]

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Introduction   The concept of brand is a much broader than the concept of product. The essence of brand is seen only in the conditions of entering a particular market and refers not only to directly product features, but also to the trademark feature of a company, and therefore, is fully dependant on company’s brand marketing approach. In the conditions of the globalizing market, many companies chose to output their brands to the international market, and thus, face the necessity of determining international marketing strategies. Releasing a “brand for the whole world”¯ requires not only careful preparation and analysis of company’s capabilities and resources, but also a new level of awareness and understanding of company’s activities and brand specificities. Further […]

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