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In actuality, capital punishment is one of the most debatable issues in the contemporary criminal justice system and society at large. Today, capital punishment in the US persists, but there are both opponents and proponents of this punishment. In this regard, it is possible to refer to the article “Capital Punishment: A Century of discontinuous debate”¯ by C.L. Stelker and J.M. Stelker (2010), which reveals the evolution of the concept of the capital punishment and the growing opposition to the capital punishment as one of the mainstream trends in the contemporary culture. The authors conducted the detailed study of the evolution of the concept of capital punishment and presented their report in the article. The authors focus on the detailed […]

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In the chapter 12 of the book The Sociology of Health and Illness : A Critical Approach by Rose Weitz, I have found some interesting information for me. I’ am interested in acupuncture that is considered to be one of the oldest forms of healing. According to the historical data, “its recorded history goes back 2,000 years, with strong pre-historical evidence going back to the Bronze Age”¯(Weitz 310). I am sure that acupuncture, as a traditional Chinese medicine, is really an effective method to cure different diseases. Moreover, it is interesting to learn that acupuncture is based on the theoretic approach that chi flows freely through the human body and provides balance between yin and yang. The most interesting fact […]

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In sociology, it is possible to identify four major perspectives with regard to social organizations and groups: functionalist perspective, feminist perspective, conflict perspective and the perspective of symbolic interactionism (Benokraitis, 2011). The purpose of this paper is to choose two sociological perspectives and to compare the explanations of groups and organizations in the context of these perspectives. The perspectives chosen for this analysis are functionalism and conflict perspective. Functionalism states that all social groups and organizations have their specific functions (and in fact can be regarded as social institutions). All of these institutions are necessary for the stability of the society. According to functionalist perspective, all groups and social parts are interdependent, and different interactions of these groups help the […]

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