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The Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal Empires were influential and large empires of the Muslim world which influenced consistently the development of Asia and Europe.

The Ottoman Empire was the huge empire founded in 1299 which occupied the Eastern Mediterranean and stretched far eastward and covering the Northern part of the African continent. In fact, the Ottoman Empire occupied the strategic position in the world because it bridged Asia, Europe and Africa. At the same time, the Ottoman Empire was the Muslim state that regularly came into clashes with Christians in Europe. The Ottoman Empire was ruled by a monarch who had absolute power and maintained his authority with the help of his governors who ruled different parts of the empire. The economy of the Ottoman Empire grew due to the development of trade, agriculture and territorial expansion.

The Safavid Empire was one of the first empires which proclaimed Islam its official religion. The latter influenced consistently the development of the Middle East. The Safavid Empire occupied huge territory which was mainly located in contemporary Iran and other neighboring states. The Safavid Empire represented a unified Iranian state which established a total control all over Persia. The empire was headed by the monarch who had absolute power.

The Mughul Empire was another Islamic empire which occupied most of Hindustan. The Mighul Empire was established in 1526 and united the vast territory of Hindustan under the rule of the Mughul monarch. The Mughul Empire prospered due to the development of agriculture and trade with other countries until its decline in the mid-19th century. The Mughul Empire influenced consistently the development of Hindustan.

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