Apple Marketing

It goes without saying that Apple iPhone takes the leading position on the market due to its successful marketing solution and development of right strategic planning. And it would be very interesting for me to view the developmental perspective of the company.
The company plays quite a significant role in the global mobile market. It should be noted that the a number of innovative solutions provided by Apple were real breakthrough on the market of innovation and this put the company several steps up than the other competitors. It was the first company that suggested mobile innovative technologies not only for the entertainment but for business, providing a number of applications and seeking for collaboration with the clients and developers. The successful team of professional shares their ideas with the masses and provide interesting and effective solution; the same time their company could be regarded to as one of the most successful corporation on the contemporary mobile market.
Problems and Challenges: SWOT Analysis of Apple iPhone

– Plays significant on role in mobile market, creating a new trend in the mobile innovation industry
– Impacts the innovative integration to the mobile market
– Provides development of the innovative technologies
– Optimizing wireless data transmissions for increased performance
– Providing centralized, wireless application management
– Making sure that technologies and systems are reusable
– Reducing development time and complexity

– Depending from human factor (customers, investors, business partners)
– The innovative technologies often are wrongfully perceived
– The already found investors could be hard to locate
– The company is not the single one using the same technical solutions
– The company meets severe competition in struggle for the target market.

– Provides greater perspectives for iPhone developers and users (the App Store), which has no analogues still
– Creates opportunities for the new usage of GPS, Wi-Fi, and different software tools for industries in business
– Raise popularization of GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID and different software tools in business

– The integration of the innovation could meet misunderstanding
– The company’s core product, Apple iPhone is not a single innovative tool for the business in the mobile innovation
– The company is going to meet more severe competition in the nearest future

Discussion of the Current Practices Held by Apple Inc for iPhone Marketing
As it was mentioned earlier the most recent and attractive practice Apple provides is no specification on target groups. iPhone is complex solution, highly available, innovative and perfectly designed. So now you need not spend your time on the internet surfing seeking for the rights solution ”“ everything is collected in the App Store. Developers from different countries suggest a wide variety of solution. They are innovative, contemporary and approved by Apple Inc. It goes without saying that App Store is the one that makes the iPhone by Apple attractive for the businessmen, students, teachers and any other people as there could be installed all the necessary tools that would be really helpful in completing the task set.

And there are numerous solutions for different industries provided by the Apple team. It goes without saying that even brief description makes the project attractive for the possible clients. Understanding the role of mobile innovation, always stay in touch with the recent technologies and constant development is probably the definite features of this project.

The company provides precise description for iPhone solutions, which could be adopted according to the personal needs of the client or the whole corporation. They seek for understanding and provide the policy of open gates, sharing with their clients all the useful and necessary information. It goes without saying that client friendly policy within the project also helps the company to reach the success within the industry and raise the popularity of the product within the target group. The solutions raise the interest of the target market to the company and as it welcomes investments, it could be mutually efficient solution for the both.

Speaking about the efficiency of the company the annual report and the other resources could be the best illustration. It goes without saying that the question about efficiency of the company is inevitable. It goes without saying that the company developmental perspectives are really great and their developmental practice oriented on the development the solution on the separate industries but uniting them as one whole is undoubtedly working and effective. The company reported the raise of profit and this is the best illustration of the effective working strategic planning.

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