Brutus vs. Cassius Essay

Brutus is more concerned about helping Rome move in the right direction. One of the main and deepest ideas in this play is the contrast between the personal weakness of Caesar and his political power. This idea was expressed by Cassius; he affirms that Caesar doesn’t have the human right to rule the destinies ”“ he isn’t better than other people. If Caesar is the beginning and ending of everything for himself then for Brutus the main thing in his life is the ideas of Republic, his country. When Caesar, Brutus’s friend and virtue, begins to threaten to the freedom of the country, the morality gives to Brutus the sign, and he begins to prepare to the “sacrifice” of his best friend. Morality and duty to his country make gentle Brutus to commit this crime. He would want to act openly and avoid bloodshed, but duty demands such actions, and Brutus obeys.

Due to Brutus’s humanity and patriotism his decisions are more humanistic and correct from the morality’s point of view. As a result Antonius stays alive. But Cassius is more active than Brutus. Brutus lives in solitude, and Cassius is always in the thick of political things, he is an active, clever person, but he isn’t a philosopher as Brutus. Activity and perspicacity made Cassius the soul of anti-Caesar plot. As an experienced politic he knows how to influence upon each participant. He understands that his personal qualities wouldn’t make him popular, so he makes Brutus the main figure of this plot. Brutus is the banner of the plot, but Cassius is the soul, the main device, which activates this complicated human conglomeration of plotters.

I think Cassius should have led the assassination plot, because he is very manipulative person and his personal qualities can help him to do it. Brutus is a good Caesar’s friend, who believes highly in his ideas, but he is too naive and trusting person. The author makes him the most complex tragic hero of the play. But he is just a marionette in Cassius’s hands. Besides Cassius was a very envious of Caesars position and he fears for time, when Caesar becomes the king ( Act 1 Scene 2). When Cassius says that it is necessary to kill Antonius, Brutus disagrees, because thinks that it will be too cruel. He doesn’t believe that Antonius can be dangerous without Caesar. Cassius is more far-seeing, but he has to yield to Brutus. When Antonius asks to give him the opportunity to bury Caesar and deliver the graveside oration, Cassius objects to this request and understands the danger, but Brutus doesn’t notice it and insists on satisfying Antonius’s request.

I think the best leader of Rome would be Brutus. Cassius knows how noble and honorable Brutus really is, even Caesar admires him and tries to be friends with him. He is free of egoism, but the other republicans have definite reasons for war against Caesar. Cassius doesn’t want to be somebody’s servant at all. He is a republican- aristocrat. His main aim is his personal freedom, but not the total equality. There isn’t a necessity for Cassius to confirm himself, subordinating other people; he will be satisfied if nobody makes an encroachment upon him. In republicans camp there are a lot of examples of selflessness, in contrast to the camp of Octavius and Antonius. In such manner Shakespeare underlines high moral virtue of republicans. Even Cassius, the most imperturbable politician is influenced by the Brutus’s nobility.

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