Essay on Professional Boundaries in Context

The work of the registered nurse is very important. On the other hand, being a registered nurse, I have a number of responsibilities and professional duties which I have to perform in a close collaboration with other health care professionals as well as patients and other individuals, who are directly or indirectly involved in the nursing care, patients’ treatment and work of a registered nurse. At the same time, the work of a registered nurse raises a number of challenges because often a registered nurse confronts numerous boundaries and challenges, which the registered nurse has to overcome to close communication gaps, to collaborate and to overlap professional duties and responsibilities. In fact, the registered nurse has to perform effectively that means that the registered nurse has to interact with other health care professionals that means the interference of the registered nurse in the area of professional responsibilities of other health care professionals. On the other hand, sometimes, registered nurses have to delegate some of its duties to other health care professionals. In such a context, the problem of the effective collaboration arises. In this regard, being a registered nurse, I attempt to eliminate boundaries between my professional duties and performance and those of other health care professionals. In fact, the elimination of boundaries and cross boundary cooperation between health care professionals is crucial for their effective work, especially for registered nurses, who work closely with patients and doctors.

The professional collaboration

In fact, the collaboration is important between GN, other nurses, doctors, patients, social workers, family members of patients and other people. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the collaboration between registered nurse and health care staff, patients and other individuals should involve the effective communication and professional integration of general nurses in the work of other health care professionals. For instance, registered nurses work directly with patients. More important, they spend more time with patients than doctors. On the other hand, registered nurse work closely with doctors and help the latter to carry out the treatment of patients. Therefore, the close cooperation between health care professionals, between registered nurses and doctors is crucial for the successful treatment of patients.

However, the collaboration between health care professionals raises the problem of the interference of health care professionals in their sphere of responsibilities and professional duties. For instance, a registered nurse spends more time with a patent than a doctor. Therefore, the registered nurse participates in the treatment of patients and has to be able to take decisions concerning the treatment of the patient. As the registered nurse takes decisions on the treatment of patients, the registered nurse interferes in the sphere of responsibilities of a doctor. On the other hand, the doctor provides specific recommendations and plan of treatment which the registered nurse has to follow strictly that is the interference of the doctor in the sphere of work of the registered nurse.

At the same time, patients are not mere objects of treatment but they are subjects, whose position and attitude is very important for the successful treatment and effective performance of registered nurses. Registered nurses have to take into consideration individual specificities and to meet needs of patients. Registered nurses should be able to develop individual approaches to each patient to perform their professional duties effectively. Therefore, registered nurses need to collaborate closely with other professionals, including other nurses, psychologists, social workers and others. For instance, the close collaboration with other nurses can help registered nurses to track the treatment of patients and the mood of patients as well as their relationships with other health care professionals. If registered nurses identify any troubles, they have to work on the treatment of patients and resolution of their problems.

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