Essay on Target Behavior

Changing my behavior is very important for me since I have the problem of poor communication with other people as I tend to interrupt them frequently. Nevertheless, I am conscious of my problem and I am trying my best to tackle it successfully. In this regard, the analysis of my target behavior uncovers the essence of my problem, how it emerges and gives me insight toward possible solutions of my problem.


Actually I face a problem in my communication since often I interrupt people, while communicating with them. I want to eliminate this habit to improve my communication style. Interrupting my interlocutors makes my communication fragmentary and ineffective since a dialogue eventually turns into a monologue, which I lead, regardless of the position of my interlocutors. I just stop listening to them and try to persuade them in my rightness, in spite of their protests or arguments.

This pattern of behavior occurs, when I try to prove something to my interlocutors or when I try to stand on my ground and to persuade my interlocutors that I am right. I grow anxious and persistent and I just stop listening to my interlocutors and interrupt them. In fact, this behavior is probably the result of my excessive emotional overload because I cannot keep all within myself and, when I see that a person disagrees with me, I try to persuade him/her immediately without even listening to him/her or trying to understand his/her position.


I tend to interrupt people quite frequently because I definitely have problems with listening to them. Every moment, when my interlocutors disagree with me, I start trying to prove my point and to persuade them to take my side, regardless of their position. When the conversation becomes emotional, I slip to interrupting my interlocutors. As they start speaking, I just end their phrases and insert my own ones forcing my interlocutors to share my ideas and views.

Being aware of inappropriateness of my behavior and its negative impact on my communication style, I do my best to avoid interrupting people. However, it is quite difficult for me to start listening to people without interrupting them. I have to cope with my emotions first and start listening to my interlocutors.


In fact, consequences of interrupting people in the course of the communication are quite unpleasant because people believe I am too persistent in my judgments and I do not them to justify their position. Often, the trend to interrupting other people leads to conflicts and I feel some people just do not like communicating with me. Therefore, interrupting my interlocutors is not a good strategy to make my communication effective.

On the other hand, when I made efforts to stop interrupting people and listening to them, I have learned that my communication style has become much more efficient and people have become more interested in communication with me. I tried to think carefully of my behavior and, in the course of communication, I try to evaluate critically the position of my interlocutors. As I consider the position of my interlocutors, I let them talk and prepare my own arguments.


Thus, I have a problem in my communication since I often interrupt my interlocutors. Nevertheless, I am trying to cope with this problem and I am doing my best in this regard.


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