Essay on The effective leadership style

The development of the effective leadership style that can help me to gain respect and attention of people and make them following me is one of my primary concerns at the moment. In addition, I am also concerned with the successful organizational planning and, more specifically, with the planning of the upcoming project because I count on its successful accomplishment as a starting point for my career growth. In fact, the achievement of both goals will help me to accelerate my career development and reach positive outcomes in my professional development.

Goal 1: Leadership Development

The leadership development should focus on the development of effective leadership style which involves the effective communication and the ability of the leader to make other people following the leader.

Peer-Reviewed articles

Kotter’s article What Leaders Really Do focuses on the routine work of leaders and uncovers aspects of the regular work, which often remain hidden for outsiders. The article helps to understand better approaches and methods applied by leaders to maximize the effectiveness of their work and interaction with their subordinates. Hence, the article uncovers ways to the improvement of the leadership style and communication and interaction with subordinates.

Credible Websites

Forbes’ website also contributes to the better understanding of effective leadership and approaches that leaders can apply to improve their performance and interaction with their subordinates. The website offers a variety of articles related to the leadership which help the leader to find out important information concerning the improvement of the effectiveness of communication and interaction with subordinates, new approaches to leadership and examples of successful leadership.

Informational Expert

The nurse manager was the informational expert, who shared her opinion on possible ways to the improvement of the leadership style. She paid a particular attention to the elaboration of the effective leadership through the application of transformational leadership style. The expert considered the transformational leadership to be the most efficient in the contemporary diverse and rapidly changing environment.

Goal 2: Organizational Planning

The organizational planning is very important and, at the moment, I am concerned with the successful accomplishment of the upcoming project which needs accurate planning and adequate implementation. In case of success, I can count on better career opportunities for me.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

The article written by Kraemmerand and other researchers (2003) focuses on resource planning implementation. The experience of effective resource planning is very important for me, especially in the light of the upcoming project, since I will have to use allocated resources effectively. Moreover, as I expect, resources will be scarce, the article recommendations will help me to create an accurate plan.

Credible Websites

Organizational Planning and Change is a credible website which provides detailed information on effective organizational planning and suggests recommendations concerning the development and implementation of changes within organizations.

Informational Expert

The informational expert was a human resource manager working in a hospital, who had an extensive experience of planning the work of human resource department. The human resource manager shared his experience on the organizational planning suggesting the elaboration of the plan that has several options for each strategic point, in case if something goes wrong.


Thus, the improvement of the leadership style should include the development of effective approaches to the leadership that is beneficial not only for the leader but also for subordinates. The analysis of organizational planning revealed the fact that planning should be grounded on available resources and accurate forecast of the further organizational development.

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