Written Annotated Bibliography

The present paper reviews the role of technologies in the modern people lives.  The author of the paper aims to provide a brief analysis of the positive and negative effects that are bought into our lives by the latest technological tools but emphasizes that the advantages of the modern technology in many fields of human activity prevail over its disadvantages.

In the modern world technologies affect the majority of spheres of life. They also present outstanding social opportunities to the people and increase the efficiency of many processes.

The initial presumption that modern technology has a significant influence over the society was confirmed by the study of several literary sources. Sanders in the article ”˜What Do We Really Need to Know Technology?’ that was published in 1999 provides the basic characteristics of technologies, their increasing meaning for mankind, and the way it changes the style of living. The Washington Times’ article ”˜Technology in Modern Classrooms’ managed to describe the benefits of technology, and also some of its drawbacks in the context of educational process.  In addition, other source that was used is ”˜Modern Technology and Civilization: An Introduction to Human Problems in the Machine Age’ by Walker (1962). This literary source presents the historical background and explains the way technologies have changed the society in 20st century.

Clearly, the key to success in the use of technology in any aspect of life is to find the right balance and focus on the efficiency and common sense.  The discussion about the role of technologies and their influence is vital for the present time and therefore it has to be continued by the further exploration of the academic researches and the information from media.

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