Written: Revision of existing business objectives and strategies

1 Review of existing business objectives and plans

In actuality, the company should keep focusing on the market expansion and growth but the company should pay more attention to the improvement of the quality of internal business processes. In addition, the company should improve the quality of its products and services. Bob and Lou’s Café should also diversify its products and services to improve its performance consistently. The company should also focus on the market expansion through mergers and acquisitions.

2 Action plan to implement changes

To implement the changes successfully, Bob and Lou’s Café should elaborate the clear marketing strategy first. The company should communicate the marketing strategy to its employees and to receive positive feedback from employees. As employees shape a positive view of the change, Bob and Lou’s Café can start changes. The company can start implementing changes focusing on training of employees to improve the quality of internal business processes, and the quality of products and services offered to customers. Also, the company should diversify its products and services, introducing fast food products. After that, the company can start mergers and, if the company is capable to accumulate sufficient financial resources, acquisitions.

3 Assessment of the impact of changes on the café and its employees

Bob and Lou’s Café should assess the impact of changes through the analysis of motivation of employees. The company should test the motivation of employees conducting interviews and questionnaires. At the same time, the company should use empowerment to enhance the performance of employees.

4 Roles and responsibilities for strategies implementation

The company should clearly define roles and responsibility of each employee and manager. Bob and Lou’s Café can introduce the code of conduct for this purpose. The code of conduct will define roles and responsibilities of each employee.

5 Management of the implementation of changes

The implementation of changes should be supervised by a manager responsible for the introduction of changes. The manager will develop the plan of the change and control over its implementation.

6 Evaluation of resource requirements to implement the new strategy

Bob and Lou’s Café should pay attention to human resources. At the moment, the company has well qualified personnel capable to complete the changes successfully. The company should also raise financial resources but suggested changes do not require substantial investments. Physical resources of the company should be expanded, while the company has to expand its chain. In this regard, mergers will facilitate the expansion. Technological resources are available to the company to complete changes successfully.

7 Monitoring improvements of the café’s performance objectives

Gantt chart

1-2 months 2-3 months 3-4 months
Development of changes
Communicating the change to employees
Introduction of the change
Monitoring and analysis of the change
Assessment and evaluation of the change


F Conclusion

Thus, the company can improve consistently its marketing performance following recommendations and marketing strategies given above.

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