Essay on Sony Market Entry

What have you been able to discover about your client’s market entry strategies?

I have been able to discover that Sony’s market entry strategies are rather effective. Sony’ experts in marketing and market research pay special attention to positioning of the company in the market, segmentation and product launch, as well as to the new product development advertising strategy and the company’s  branding. That is why they combine several market entry strategies, such as joint ventures, partnerships, exporting and some other strategies.

Is the strategy consistent in all markets in which they operate? Why do you think this is the case?

The strategy of Sony Corporation is consistent in all markets in which they operate because the company’s products are very popular and highly desirable in the international market. This is the case because Sony’s products are of high quality. Besides, Sony uses new technologies in order to develop new product lines and to be the leading company in the international market.

How successful have their market entry strategies been?

Sony’s market strategies have been rather successful as they help to attract more and more new customers and help the company to hold the leading position in the competitive market.

How does the market entry strategy affect their marketing strategy?

The market entry strategy of Sony Corporation has enormous impact on the marketing strategy. For example, direct exporting requires the use of distributers and agents. That is why the final price of the company’s product will be higher in the competitive market. It can influence the sales and marketing strategy. Market entry strategy of Sony Corporation can affect its marketing strategy in relation the product’s price and the amount of sales in the market.

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