Essay on Analysis of Ads

The ad of the US army has a number of cultural and ideological implications. The main point of the ad is to attract new recruits to the US army and to show that the US army is a powerful structure uniting many people under the common purpose and ideology.

At this point, it is possible to dwell upon the surface meaning. The surface meaning is obvious and implies that the ad focuses on new recruits and attempts to demonstrate that the US army is a solid body, where different people become a part of one solid body, the US army. In such a way, the US army is a diverse but united body.

The advertiser’s intended meaning is also quite obvious because the advertiser wanted to show that the US army welcomes diversity but, at the same time, the US army grants the US soldiers with the unity in terms of their belongingness to the US army and bravery of the people, who have the right and who have deserved to be called the US soldiers. In such a way, the advertiser attracts new recruits and shows that the US army is open for all people to make them true soldiers, who are just next to heroes, or guys all would like to resemble to.

Finally, the cultural or ideological meaning implies the acceptance of diversity of soldiers and grants the common ideological ground for all of them. The fact of being the US soldier is the basis for the ideology of American soldiers. The ad shows that soldiers have the right that implies the respect to democracy but the word “soldiers” also implies the strict discipline.
Thus, the ad reveals multiple meanings.

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