Clinton Impeachment

Impeachment of Bill Clinton was closely connected to the sexual scandal around the 42nd President of the United States and 25 years old internal Monica Lewinsky. The procedure of Impeachment and investigation according to this scandalous case took place in 1998. Clinton was blamed in false evidence and preventing the justice; the whole situation reached to the procedure of voting in the House of Representatives.

Monica Lewinsky obtained a reasonable position according to her diploma in the White House in 1998. Communicating to the President of the United States she inclined President to the unregular sexual relations, which lasted since November 1995 till 1997 (she insists on the 9 cases of oral sex). Then she left the White House for Pentagon and ended her communication with the President. She told about her sexual relations with the President to Linda Tripp, who securely recorded their phone conversations. In January 1998 Kenneth Starr leaded the investigation. He was also known in the US for his investigations of other political scandals. First messages devoted to this case appeared first in Internet on the 17th of January 1998 and on the 21st of January in Washington Post. On the 26th of January President Clinton announced that he had no relations with Monica Lewinsky. The First Lady supported President in public during these heavy days and insisted on the fact that the whole story itself was a plot towards the President. On the 28th of July the same year Lewinsky announced on oath that she had had sexual relations with Bill Clinton, including oral sex. On the 17th of August Clinton himself announced in the court that he had improper physical relations with Lewinsky. But before, during the trial of Pola Jones, he told that he had no sexual relations with Lewinsky. These

Facts became the basement for accusation in false evidence.

The Houses of Representative enumerating 100 senators had to carry out the sentence (guilty/not guilty) to start procedure of impeachment. The sentence should be carried out not by general majority, but qualified one”“ 2/3 should vote for or against. Senators could depose the President or let him stay in power. They could also imprison him and fine on great deal of money. They also could postpone resolution of the sentence until that time his Presidential term would end. The Senate even could submit a reproach. That was the form of penalty suggested by Democratic Party. But the Republicans insisted on the procedure of impeachment and following empowerment of the President. But 2/3rds of Americans and Bill Clinton himself did not want the empowerment of the President. The investigation according to Clinton’s case cost nearly 60 million dollars for the state. Political Scandals connected with Pola Jones and Monica Lewinsky, Impeachment threat, which seriously damaged country’s authority and the President himself did not actually crushed Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton actually won the trial and the whole situation.

Some analysts consider that this situation was very significant and American Sate System Institutions going through the serious crisis and put in serious doubt the main principles of constitution, the basis of political building. Personally I think that this situation is demonstrating the decay in American Political system.

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