Creationism essay

The theory of evolution by means of natural selection was first introduced by Charles Darwin more than a hundred years ago and was immediately criticized. Although much of the scientific data proves the consistency of Darwin’s theory, the XXI century has seen a rapid spread of creationism as a movement against the theory of evolution presented by Darwin. The supporters of the anti-scientific theory explain the creation of the surrounding world in a different manner stating that the world has been created by supernatural forces.

Supporters of creationism such as Philip E. Johnson try to promote the introduction of this theory into the curriculums of educational institutions. However, creationism evokes many protests on behalf of scientists who speak in favor of the theory of Darwin giving a number of arguments against creationism. As a rule, the evidence provided by the opponents of the theory of evolution are based either on a wrongful understanding of the mentioned theory or on a purposeful distortion of truth. Below are given arguments and counterarguments regarding the Darwin’s theory of evolution and creationism.

Speaking about the arguments in favor of creationism, it needs to be noted that many supporters of this theory indicate that the theory of evolution is only a theory, not being a scientific fact or law. As a rule, a scientific theory reflects the aspects of the world’s development based on facts, laws and results of certain experiments. However, the amount of various scientific explanations does not make a theory liable. When scientists speak about the theory of evolution, they do not doubt its truthfulness, although sometimes their explanations lack enough evidence.

Furthermore, the arguments in favor of natural selection go the way round. Natural selection implies that the fittest survive, but this means that those who survive become the fittest. This is an eternal process, which is not enough to persuade the world community that the theory of evolution contains only truthful facts. What is more, the theory of evolution is not scientific. It can neither be proved, nor falsified as it is based on the events that have never been witnessed by anyone. For this reason, more and more scientists start doubting the truthfulness of the theory of evolution, but at the same time this theory has a great number of followers. Creationists say that the debates over the theory of evolution lead to a suggestion that this theory has not yet been fully proved because it lacks evidence. Finally, the theory of evolution fails to explain what the initial source of life on the planet is, so that the origin of life remains a mystery.

The evolutionists offer counterarguments to the theory of creationism. First, the mechanism of the development of an organism is simple enough, so that humans are likely to have been created by natural forces, even though creationists do not agree with this statement. In fact, even the most complex organisms can be selected and reconstructed by the natural forces. Creationists say that there can be no accidental processes when it comes to answering the question of how various living beings including humans have been created. However, the natural factors being responsible for the formation of various organisms have not been thoroughly investigated yet, although the theory of evolution has other grounds to exist.

Evolutionists further state that the theory of creationism is very contradictory. They say that the major principle of modern science is naturalism that tries to explain the processes taking place in the universe by referring to the natural mechanisms that can be investigated and proved. The arguments of scientists are proved by various experiments. On the contrary, creationists do not make attempts to provide enough counterarguments to the theory of evolution. Thus, their arguments have no liable grounds and this makes them inconsistent.

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