Essay on Company performance

Direct and relationship marketing include persistent research of client’s response to advertising of all the types. And when the most effective type of advertising is determined, it attracts more human, tangible and moral resources. A particular role is given to paper and electronic male, by which various catalogs and brochures, circulars and greeting cards can be sent. On the other hand, some of the methods promoted within direct marketing have their drawbacks. Unsolicited messages are often marked as spam by computers of the recipients or are simply ignored by them even if there is no protective service, and thus a message does not reach its recipient at all. However, they are still considered effective. Mobile ads, quick response codes, animated banners, floating units are also among popular direct response tools, used by the Counterpart Creative Center as well. The main advantage of direct and relationship marketing is trackable response, due to which sales and marketing activities are enhanced.
In this way, the experience of the two successful companies that have authority and good reputation in each of their fields can be applied in benchmarking for nurturing the interactions with clients and overall improving performance. Relationship marketing and Destination Management System are both worth of attention as tools to bring positive changes into working with clients. It goes without saying that benchmarking is a beneficial element of strategic management, and it should be a continuous process within the organization. When a problem area is defined, future performance should be targeted and adjusted according to the data gathered from the selected partners.
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