Essay on ITV PLC: Findings and analysis

The analysis of the current position of the company, its history, organizational structure, target markets and the comparison of the company to its major rivals in both the domestic and international markets allowed conducting the SWOT analysis that revealed the major strengths and weaknesses of the company and opportunities and threats the company is either facing or having at the moment or may face or have in the future. In fact, the SWOT analysis helps to assess the internal potential and strengths of the company along with weaknesses the company has. In addition, the SWOT analysis gives insight toward better understanding of external influences on the company to understand its opportunities and threats the company may face in the future.

3.1 Strengths

The extensive network of ITV PLC, since the company owns 12 out of 15 local broadcasters in the UK helps the company to deliver services of the high quality and develop its operations nationwide. In actuality, the company holds a strong position in the UK market due to its extensive domestic network. ITV PLC was traditionally oriented on local television broadcasting and customers view ITV PLC as the major local broadcaster in the UK. The company attempts to maintain its leading position in the local broadcasting. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that such localization of broadcasting helps the company to customize its services to needs of specific customer groups at the local level. ITV PLC grants its local outlets with autonomy, which allows them to develop efficient policies to meet needs and expectations of local customer groups. Hence, the company conducts flexible policies due to its extensive local network that is capable to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

At the same time, today, the company builds up its network internationally. In fact, the expansion of the company’s network internationally is obviously a strength of ITV PLC, although the company does not have an extensive intentional network yet. Nevertheless, the company continues the steady expansion of its network. In this regard, the experience of ITV PLC’s operations in the UK can be helpful since the company may use the same strategy in international markets. In addition, the well-qualified personnel of the company can help ITV PLC to complete the expansion successfully.

Furthermore, ITV PLC operates online along with conventional broadcasting. In fact, the development of the online division of the company was essential because the overall progress of internet and information technologies forced many companies to move online, while ITV PLC expanded its broadcasting business online. The company did not abandon its broadcasting business but just expanded its business and entered the online market, which had and still has a considerable potential to grow. At the moment, ITV PLC stays focused on the development of its online division, which is strategically important for the company to keep pace up with progressing technologies and changing customers’ needs. For instance, today, customers often prefer watching TV programs online instead of conventional television. Hence, the online division of ITV PLC is one of the most prospective strengths of the company.

The company is the English-speaking broadcaster, while English is the international vehicle language. At first glance, the UK origin of the company does not give the company any strengths or strategic advantage but, as the role of English as the language of international communication increases, English-speaking broadcasting becomes more and more popular. Hence, ITV PLC as one of the main English-speaking broadcasters from the UK can count on the customer attention due to its origin and language of broadcasting.

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