Essay on Pretty in Pink movie

Thinking about popular cultural themes that were constructed in the movie, we can say that these themes are social inequality, friendship, possibility to be patient to others, and dignity. Being more specific, we see how Andie demonstrated her dignity, when in one episode she was forced to answer in the same way to her opponents who were trying to offence her during the training in the gym. The girl was very often insulted by other members of her class only for her social status because she was from poor family and had the own point of view in any situation. In addition, it is pleasant to say that the ties of friendships were stronger between the people of low social class, where people can be friends for person’s inner qualities and not for the presence or absence of money. It was brightly presented in the situation when Blane and Andie decided to visit a party, or in the last scenes when Andie decided to go to her graduation party alone and met Duckie there who became her partner for the evening. And finally, we see that true feeling is able to overcome all difficulties on its way and to be higher than money and public opinion.

Comparing Pretty in Pink to other film with similar range of problems, we can talk about the film Love Story which was filmed earlier in 1970. The film also demonstrated the love story of young people who were forced to struggle against public opinion and against the wish of their families to separate their children from each other. These two films are the same in their tendency to demonstrate that first of all, nobody should spend the own time and energy on empty prejudices and be materialistic in the case of love. Both film proved the audience that there are no social hardships which can destroy the true feeling because heroes of both film were able to overcome all the kinds of resistance from their respective social circles. The ways of love are mysterious to the person who follows them, and no one knows what lies beyond the horizon. However, even taking into account the fact that most of parents always wish good to their children even in the question of love, it is worth listening to the own heart, to choose the partner by the wish to love the person and by the kinship of the soul, while the material will come with time because in any way, it is not the most important thing in life. Moreover, the endless pursuit of wealth has anyone brought before a fall.

In conclusion, we have analyzed the film Pretty in Pink and discussed the main social and cultural themes presented by the film’s creators. We have also compared the film of our analysis to the film with the similar topic and proved that the actuality of the topic of social inequality would impact on human minds for many years. Thus, having analyzed the film, it was also found out that the situation of social inequality is a contradiction between the “brake” to promote the need of a teenager to realize the own potential and a driving force for the own development in spite of everything. Teens are maximally active in the development of the world, in the mastery of the physical and social conditions of life, in the building of the own inner world. This is one of the driving forces of his individual development.


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