Еssay on the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party of the USA was formed in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson. Originally it included slave-owners of the South and Northern bourgeoisie related to them. Since 1828 the Party ruled for 24 years. After Republican candidate Lincoln’s victory in 1860, dixiecrats of the South created the slave-owning confederation. After the Civil War the distinctions between two Parties blended; and by the 20th century they grew into political organizations of big capital and actually exchanged their voters.

The basic ideology of the Democratic Party is neoliberalism. Democrats are supporters of diplomatic dialogues and of human rights defence in their policy, orienting on different social layers and being in favor of limiting governmental interference into economic processes inside the country.

The Party aims at supporting: social reforms; increase of charges on social affairs; transnational corporations; hi-tech industries of economy; fight against environmental contamination; fire weapon free trade limitation; sexual and racial minorities.

Elections 2006 returned the Democratic Party the majority in Congress. Elections 2008 made the Democratic candidate Barack Obama the US President. Same day the elections to the House of Representatives and (from some states) to the Senate passed, where Democrats strengthened again their majority.

In the contemporary situation Democrats are focused on several tasks, the main of which are the US military troops disengagement from Iraq and Afghanistan; and election pledges realization, particularly those concerning reduction of taxes for middle and poor classes and health protection sector improvement. And the third main objective is a vast financial crisis. This crisis proved that there are no other outputs for the similar shocks prevention except for governmental interference into financial and fund markets, and also a structural reform of the whole financial system of the world will be required.

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