Dog Gone Doggie Day Care

Dog Gone Doggie Day Care company provides veterinarian and pet hotels services to customers who are dog-owners and need the assistance of the company. The company operates in Los Angeles’ suburbs and is oriented on middle-class customers. The qualified personnel will deliver services of the high quality that ensures customers’ satisfaction and their loyalty to the company and, thus, its commercial success.

Dog Gone Doggie Day Care is a business oriented on the provision of pet care services, including veterinarian assistance and pet hotel services. The company is located in Los Angeles and aims at the provision of pet care services for customers whose pets, namely dogs need the veterinarian assistance as well as customers who need to leave their pets for certain period of time and need the professional organization take care of them. In such a way, the company will need specially equipped facilities, probably in the suburbs where there is a lot of space for the dogs to stay for the period of time defined by their owners and where animals could feel comfortable and lead a normal lifestyle. At the same time, the company needs to develop special facilities where ill pets can get the effective treatment.

In such a way, the company should be able to provide veterinarian and pet hotel services on the basis of its facilities, which should be separated in order to avoid the possibility of spreading infections and diseases among the pets. What is meant here is the fact that the treatment of pet should take place in a special operation or treatment area, while the hotel services should be provided in a separate building. In addition, pets should have a possibility to have regular walks under the supervision of the company’s personnel, in order to be in a good physical shape. Therefore, the location of the company in the suburb, where the density of population and, hence, buildings is lower, while there is more free space that create comfortable conditions for animals that stay at or are treated in the company’s facilities.

Market analysis and competition

The current market situation is favorable for the development of such company as Dog Gone Doggie Day Care because people are more and more concerned with pets and more and more families acquire different pets, while dogs are particularly popular because of they are traditionally believed to be perfect companions and people are willing to buy dogs. At the same time, often people have difficulties with transportation of their dogs for long distances and at the period of vacations, the demand for pet hotel services will naturally increase consistently and the company can benefit from provision of such services.

On the other hand, taking into consideration the growth of the market due to the growing number of dogs acquired by customers, the demand for veterinarian services will remain stable all the year round. In such a way, veterinarian services can constitute the basic services provided by the company and the demand for these can be permanent, while the demand on pet hotel services can be seasonal and vary depending on the period of time when people have to leave their pets, for instance, holidays season or vacations. In such a situation, it is obvious that it is a good time to enter the industry when it grows, while, if the grows is stopped and entering barriers are raised, it will be quite problematic to enter this industry.

The target customer group is comprised of representatives of the middle class, who have families and children, because it is these customers who are the most likely to have dogs. Naturally, they need the assistance of veterinarians to take care of their dogs. At the same time, they can afford services provided by the company due to their relatively high level of income. In addition, representatives of the middle-class can travel regularly, especially during the holiday season or vacations along with their families that will increase the demand on pet hotel services. Being loyal customers, using veterinarian services of the company, these customers will readily use pet hotel services offered by Dog Gone Doggie Day Care being confident in the reliability of the company and the high level of professionalism of its personnel.

In such a way, the company can count for loyal customers whose number can increase in the course of time due to the growing popularity of having pets and due to the promotion of the company. On the other hand, the company has to come prepared for the competition because, today, the market is growing and, therefore, the competition grows stronger. In this respect, one of the strategic advantages of the company can be its orientation on complex services from traditional veterinarian to pet hotel services which ensure customers that their pets will be absolutely safe and, what is more, they will be under control of professional vets.

At the same time, the company has a considerable disadvantage since it is unfamiliar for customers and needs to promote its services in order to gain its own share of the market, in the contemporary competitive environment. In such a situation, companies which are already familiar to customers are in an advantageous position.

Market strategy

In such a context an effective marketing strategy proves to be crucial for the commercial success of Dog Gone Doggie Day Care. In this respect, it is primarily necessary to focus on the active promotional campaign in order to make the company’s brand recognizable in the local community. Basically, it is possible to use local media, including television, radio, print media related to pet industry. In addition, it is possible to develop a promotion campaign in Internet because this medium becomes increasingly more popular today.

However, to make an effective entry into the local market, it is necessary to organize or sponsor an event significant for dog owners in the area. For instance, it can be a dog show which can attract local dog owners and the company can be presented to the mass audience as a reliable partner of the dog show, which can provide veterinarian services to dogs involved in the show as well as simply promote its service by means of the show. Customers will definitely grow confident in the reliability of the company if it manages to support or organize a good dog show.

At the same time, to keep customer interested in the services of the company, it is necessary to introduce affordable prices which can meet the prices of major competitors of the company. In this respect, it is necessary to analyze pricing policies of the major competitors and establish prices at the same level as the competitors have. Though, at the beginning, it is possible to offer a discount program for first twenty clients, for instance.

The customers should be aware of the fact that the company offers services of the high quality. This is why the company should amply inform customers on the qualification of the personnel employed by the company and show that the conditions in which pets are kept and treated in the company meet the highest standards. At this point, it is possible to develop cooperation with companies renowned in veterinarian industry and pet nutrition that will increase the confidence of customers in the quality of services provided by Dog Gone Doggie Day Care.

Management and personnel

In the contemporary business environment, the employment of well-qualified specialists is crucial for the overall success of the company. This is why it is necessary to focus on the employment of professionals who have an extensive experience in veterinarian services and in the field of dog training and treatment. Consequently, the company needs to employ professional veterinarians who are able to treat dogs, and dog trainers. Two veterinarians and two dog trainers will be enough to provide veterinarian and pet hotel services. However, it will be necessary to employ a couple of assistance who could help veterinarians as well as dog trainers, if necessary. They can clean the facility, feed dogs, wash them, etc.

However, it is important to find prospective employees because, as a rule, there level of salary is lower compared to employees who are already renowned, but, what is more important, prospective employees can develop professionally and stay at the company ensuring its commercial success. In this respect, it is possible to focus on the recruitment of young specialists who have already got experience of work in the respect fields, depending to the position they apply to in the company. In order to attract well-qualified specialists, it is necessary to offer the salary which meets the average level within the industry. At the same time, along with the hourly payment, it is necessary to introduce a system of bonuses depending on the number of customers each employee has and the customer satisfaction, which may be defined through questionnaire should fill in after they got services they needed.

The owner of the company should be experienced in this field in order to be able to define the qualification of people he/she is going to employ. In addition, it will allow him/her to work directly with customers and, at the beginning, perform the functions of dog trainer or veterinarian depending on his/her qualification. At the same time, such professional experience will help the owner to develop an effective team management, unite professionals employed in the company and ensure their professional growth through knowledge share management.


Thus, in conclusion, it should be said that the company Dog Gone Doggie Day Care can succeed if it manages to develop its marketing strategy in accordance with the plan described above. In such a way, it will be possible to attract the attention of customers and gain its share of the market in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, it is important to start business fast, while the market is not fully saturated and there is room for such companies as Dog Gone Doggie Day Care. In this respect, the effective marketing strategy and well-qualified personnel are essential for the overall commercial success of the company.

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