Final Research paper Language development in the early childhood cognitive development

On this subject it is necessary to study an article “Early Childhood Cognitive Development: Language Development” by Oswalt A. The article deals with the basic language development in children at an early age, namely, the stages of language development, number of words in children in different age periods from birth to 6 years. The author points the main set of words, the child’s grammar, most frequently used phrases. The author points that with language explosion, the expressive (spoken language) abilities of in children also develops the receptive skills.

It is important to point that communicating with adults is critical to language development of children. At the same time, the development of speech reveals for the child opportunities to develop communication. In a speech the child reveals important aspects of his personality: character interests, needs, beliefs, etc. The special role of language lies in its connection with thinking and the whole system of knowledge. It is important that while the development of language, a child to learn to memorize lots of information, learns how to build proposals, to understand language, to think. (Oswalt, 2008)

In conclusion it is necessary to say that basic knowledge of speech and language development in children is essential for teachers and parents, to help and assist the process of development and to teach children. Knowing the basic processes of development of the child, the an early childhood educator can hold classes for children to develop their language skills. Also, these skills are important when working with children who have problems with language development.

Thus, the development of speech and language is an important stage of cognitive development in early child development.


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