Job Analyst Interview

This is an interview with Miss Brown, who is the manager of HR department of the company “A&M”.
– Good afternoon, Miss Brown. It is known that two years ago the company changed the system of evaluation and motivation of employees. Tell us about the task of the company?
– Yes, it is right, in 2008 HR department of the company had the task to find a way to encourage employees to achieve the highest level of productivity and efficiency. For this purpose was made evaluation of the company’s management, analysis of the system of payment and salary, were determined the needs of the staff and the main motivating factors for employees. Based on these results, it was decided to introduce the international system of balanced scorecard (BSC), which is used in 50% of companies in the top list of Fortune, such as: Philips Electronics, Siemens AG, UPS, IBM, Hilton Hotels Corp., AT & T and others.

– So, the company has initiated the introduction of BSC in the company?
– Yes, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) was developed in the early 1990s, in order to formulate a strategy for the company, as well as describe how to implement it. Since the system of BSC was absolutely new for the company, its implementation required explanatory work. Therefore, at the first phase was conducted presentations to top management and heads of each department. Only after that was developed the “working” model of BSC.

– And what results showed this system? Has the system BSC got support of the staff?
– Yes, but it is important to note that the company management adapted the international system to the needs and expectations of the organization. In fact, evaluation is a serious test not only for the staff, but also for managers who assign tasks to employees. The fundamental objectives of staff evaluation are the following:
– To define the contribution of each employee in achieving the objectives of the company;
– Determination of qualifications and performance of staff;
– Determine the level of compliance with the production of Conduct for the corporate requirements of the company;
– A description of the key tasks for the future (six months, year);
– Definition of areas and ways to improve the professional level of employees in order to increase the efficiency of business processes.
– Assess the results of 2009 and 2010 has been completed. What are the results showed BSC system?
– We used two forms of evaluation: appraisal interview and qualifying exam. Also, in order to ensure objectivity and the principle of democracy in the assessment we introduced a procedure of staff self-evaluation, in which employees were required to prepare a report on the status of key tasks and make self- evaluation for all the criteria. Indicators of employee self-evaluation were discussed and taken into account by supervisors in final grading.
– And what problems have arisen in the evaluation process of the staff?
– What problems have arisen in the evaluation process?
– The main difficulty when using the evaluation procedure and the decision to dismiss those employees who during the appraisal showed the lowest results. But the greater responsibility for the outcome of their work permits to select the most talented and promising employees with a high level of responsibility, and to reward them according to the results of their work.
– Miss Brown, what conclusions can be made about the new BSC system of the staff evaluation, which was introduces in the company?
– In conclusion, I want to note that planning and developing of systems and methods of the staff evaluation help to achieve efficient use of human resources, which are the most important strategic resources of the company.

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