Management Fourth Written Assignment Essay

In the contemporary business environment, operations management is closely intertwined with marketing. At any rate, an effective marketing performance of modern companies heavily relies on the interaction between operations management and marketing. In such a context, it is necessary to apply marketing strategies which allow realizing the full potential of both operations management and marketing.

In actuality, it is practically impossible to develop business successfully without taking into consideration the current situation in the market. The modern market is extremely changeable and the situation can change abruptly that puts under a threat the normal development of companies operating in the market (Benfari, 1999). Obviously, in such a situation, companies need to be able to forecast possible changes in the market and adapt their marketing strategies and their development to the changing business environment.

At the same time, operations management is also very significant for the stable marketing performance of modern companies. In fact, modern companies need to develop steadily, while the steady development is grounded on the stable functioning and fulfillment of all operations by the company (Breneman and Taylor, 1996). What is meant here is the fact that companies need to have a balanced operations management in order to provide all units with the permanent and stable work. For instance, if there are problems with supplies of some materials to the production unit, a company will naturally suffer from the problem of shortage of materials that can slow down the production process.

In such a context, it is obvious that operations management heavily relies on marketing because marketing provides companies with information on current trends in the market, future prospects, preferences of customers, etc. All this information can be used for the optimization of operations management to create products or services needed for the market and supply them to customers.

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