Motivation Theory development essay

Today, the team development practice plays increasingly more important role in the contemporary business environment. Basically, the problem of the team development is researched in depth, but, it is worth mentioning the fact that often the team work is not clearly differentiated from the group work. In addition, the research of the team development practice needs to have practical application in the modern management and organizational performance. In such a context, it is important to stress the large amount of researches which study the problem of an effective team development practice.

In this respect, it is possible to refer to the study conducted by L. R. Offermann and RK. Spiros, entitled “The Science and Practice of Team Development: Improving the Link”. In their research, Offermann and Spiros attempt to expand the existing researches dedicated to the problem of the team development. To put it more precisely, they focus on the research and analysis of the existing team development practices, which are mainly based on the research of the existing literature and findings made in the process of their own study. In addition, they enlarge the scope of the research and attempt to reveal the link between theory and practice in the field of team development.

To put it more precisely, they attempt to find the ways of practical application of the theoretical knowledge and findings in team development practices in the real life, in order to improve the organizational performance. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that the researchers have revealed the fact that full-time practitioners, who use empirical knowledge sources tend to be more successful in short-term perspective. at the same time, academic practitioners, who mainly rely on recent theoretical developments, can be quite successful in the organizational development and application of effective and new approaches to team development.

In such a way, unlike many other researchers, Offermann and Spiros attempt to find implications to link theory and practice in relation to team development practices. In other words, they do not simply suggest major problems of team development or effective approaches to the application of team development in practice. Instead, they back up their recommendations concerning the practical improvement of team development by theoretical basis. Moreover, they lay emphasis on the necessity of such a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to increase the effectiveness of team development practices.

At the same time, the researchers tested the correctness of the hypothesis and research findings using the multivariable analysis of variances (MANOVA). In such a way, they attempted to take into consideration various variables that could affect their hypothesis and outcomes of their study. This is why it is possible to estimate that their findings are quite reliable because the MANOVA is a widely used testing system, which has already proved its reliability and effectiveness. On the other hand, it should be said that the researchers fail to critically evaluated findings of their research in regard to the analysis of possible limitations of their study. As the matter of fact, they ignored the discussion of possible limitations of the study that naturally raises the question of its reliability, which actually challenges the reliability of the research due to the application of the MANOVA.

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