Non-profit organization

The employment in a non-profit organization is very important for animators because it opens larger opportunities for the implementation of creative ideas and new concepts of animators. Therefore, I would prefer the employment in a non-profit organization. In stark contrast to non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations are driven by the pursuit of profit solely. As a result, artists, like me, have to work within the framework set by the for-profit organization, which may have little in common with art and my creative ideas. Instead, I would have to perform the job that can bring profit to the organization, whereas this job may have little artistic value and may be unpleasant for me. Therefore, the employment in a non-profit organization is more attractive for me as an animator. In addition, this job can bring me the public approval because I can show the public my work and the public is likely to take my jobs for free. In such a way, my work will be available to the mass audience.

Assignment 8.2
In actuality, rising funds may a challengeable task, especially for a beginner-animator. Nevertheless, it is still possible to raise funds. In this regard, I would define several sources of investments and I would use either one of them or several of them depending on the funds I would raise. First, the bank loan is a reliable source of funding, although I would have to pay interests to the bank and, therefore, such funds could be costly, but I can receive them fast and invest them in my business. Second, I can start partnership and share funds with my partners. Third, I can find an investor ready to fund my project and receive the intellectual property rights in exchange for funds.

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