Planning and Threat Assessment Term Paper

The protection of the principal should be grounded on the careful and detailed planning and adequate assessment of threats and risks the principal can potentially face. As the matter of fact, the effective protection of the principal is possible on the condition of the proper organization and coordination of actions of the guard. In this regard, it is important to use eight guardians as effectively as possible and the number of the guardians suffices because the larger number of guardians can make the work of the guard ineffective, while the smaller number of guardians may be insufficient to provide effective security of the principal. In this respect, it is important to ensure the permanent protection and security of the principal as well as facilities where he is supposed to be located throughout the daylong. Therefore, the security plan should take into consideration every step and every risk or threat the principal can face.

First of all, it is necessary to start with the assessment and evaluation of potential threats the principal can face in the course of the day and, especially during his speech and communication with the media. In this respect, it is important to take into consideration his supremacist position and ideas to identify potential threats and risks. Obviously, the supremacist position of the principal provokes the public opposition, while the most radical part of the public is ready to use physical violence against the principal. This means that the major threat is the attack of either individual or organized groups which oppose to the supremacist movement. In such a way, the guard should be aware that there could be more than one attacker and at least guardians should accompany the principal all the daylong. Otherwise, one guardian can fail to protect the principal from the attack.

At the same time, the threat is likely to be a violent attack, like a strike or probably some attackers can throw something into the principal, like a shoe or egg. In this respect, it is important to distinguish threats. On the one hand, there is a threat of light injuries or sheer psychological injuries, while, on the other hand, there is a more serious threat of attacks and injuries that can threaten to the life and health of the principal. In this regard, it is possible to identify even the threat of the assassination. However, the latter is the most radical threat, but it can occur, taking into consideration the challenging behavior of the principal. In such a context, the guardians should come prepared to protect the principal from shooting or stabbing.

Furthermore, the risk of an attack from the part of one individual is higher than the attack of a group because there are no actual evidences of the existence of organized terrorist groups that can attack the supremacist principal. Nevertheless, the guardians should be able to survey and control a large number of people because the interview and speech of the principal will definitely attract a large number of people, among which a potential terrorist can be located.

The principal should be protected all the daylong from the moment of his leaving the home to his return back. This is why the security plan should start with the protection of the home of the principal. First, it is necessary to start with fencing. The fence should be high enough and preferably covered by the barbwire to minimize the risk of intrusion. The gates should be closed and all the perimeter of the territory of the home of the principal should be under the permanent surveillance. For this purpose, it is possible to use video surveillance since it will need only on guardian to control the entire perimeter and coordinate actions of the guard. Furthermore, the building should be also fully protected. The windows and doors should be closed and alarm system should be turned in to respond immediately on any attempt of unsanctioned intrusion. There should be the video surveillance within the house in order to minimize the risk of the penetration of an attacker in the house. In addition, the guardians should patrol the house and the territory to back up the video surveillance system. The principal should remain under the permanent surveillance of the guardians. Two guardians should always stay with him, while two more should cover the entrance into the room where the principal is at the moment.

As the principal goes out to ride to the court, the guardians should check the car. It is important to check the car thoroughly to identify any potential threat since there is a risk of the explosive being installed in the car or, what is more, the break system of the car or other important technical part of the car can be broken. Hence, the guard should be able to check the car and identify such threats and risks. As soon as the car is secured the pathway of the principal to the car should be secured. For this purpose, two guardians should go before the principal and check the pathway. After them, the principal with two guardians should go. Finally, two more guardians should cover the principal and go at some distance after him. Two more guardians should stay at the car with the engine being on. In such a way, the principal can get to the car fast and move immediately without stopping. The gates should be open automatically just before the car goes out. Before the principal gets into the car two guardians, who preceded him, should get into another car and start moving just before the car of the principal, while two guardians that followed him, should get into the car that will follow after the principal’s car, while two guardians, who stayed at the car of the principal should move to either car before the car of the principal and the one that follows his car. In such a way, through the way of the car of the principal to the court as well as on his way back, his car will be preceded by one car with three guardians and followed by one car with three guardians, while he will ride the car together with two more guardians.

When the car drives to the court, the two guardians, who are in the first car, takes off the car and clear the passage along with the two guardians, who are in the car that followed the principal. When the passage is clear, the principal can takes off the car. Before he appears in the public, one guardian should open the door, while another should cover the principal from the potential attack. These two guardians should follow the principal till the place where he is going to deliver his speech and answer the questions of journalists. Other guardians should take the control over the steps where the principal is going to speak. Thus, two guardians should stay next to the principal, while three guardians should stay before him in the line at proportional distance to prevent the risk of the breakthrough of a terrorist. Three more guardians should survey the crowd and stay behind the crowd maintaining permanent contact with other guardians. The three guardians should stay behind the crowd and inform the guardians who stay before and next to the principal about potential threats and potentially dangerous individuals. When the principal proceeds into the courtroom, the courtroom should be secured too. For this purpose, two guardians enter the courtroom and check it. After that two more guardians enter and the four guardians take their position throughout the perimeter of the courtroom. Then the principal enters together with two guardians who always stay with him, while two more guardians cover the entrance to the courtroom. Finally, the principal returns respectively to the plan he arrived in the court and courtroom.

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