Precis essay

The USA has lost an ability to solve its domestic and international problems. There is a crisis in America’s governance and it is going to become worse.

Barack Obama has difficulties with realizing his programs in healthcare, finance and climate change spheres. Despite the fact that he is personally popular, and his Democratic party is very powerful, the ideological divisions in the country continue to become deeper.

Only 84% of Democrats and just 18% of Republicans supported Obama in November.

The USA is a very polarized country, and that is the cause of big divergences in views. Political debates happen between different social groups. People are sure that the policy of government is a “zero-sum” battle between some social groups and politics.

The political process is broken now. The senate is afraid of “filibuster” and in order to overcome it the supporters of the proposal have to muster 60 of 100 votes, and just a usual majority.

Big money in politics cause deep crisis. Backroom lobbying by huge companies dominates policymaking process.

Nowadays the lobbying process seems like a legalized corruption; so big amounts of money change political decisions.

The American federal budget is paralyzed because of incipient governance crisis. Americans are against paying huge taxes when the country doesn’t provide them with basic public services.

The US government shows regular under-performance with high level of budget deficit, state debt. Current budget deficit is 10% of GNP.

The president is not able to break the fiscal logjam, as his election promises prevent him from reasonable policies and can’t impose a value-added tax, used in Europe and is needed in the US. The way out this situation will require the US to leave Afghanistan and Iraq (save $150bn per year) and raise taxes. The effective governance can be restored with the help of Obama`s decisive actions.

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