It is found that Nancye Wynne Bolton’s sixth Australian tennis championship in 1951was not highly publicized. Of course, there were a number of articles in the press about her success, but this press coverage cannot be regarded as tremendous. The review of the articles related to that period of time gives an opportunity to evaluate the level of press coverage. For example, in one of the articles, that title of which is SAVITT BEATS MCGREGOR the reporter says, “Mrs. Nancye Bolton won her six Australian single title when she defeated Mrs. Thelma Long 6-1, 7-5 in the final” (Morning Bulletin, 31 January 1951, p.4). There is no any information concerning the details of this event as well as there is nothing said about the Champion. In some articles, the reporters mention that Nancye Wynne Bolton is the first woman who became the winner of the Australian title six times. However, they say nothing about her previous sport results in tennis. Most of the articles which mention the success of Nancye Wynne Bolton at the Australian Tennis Championship of 1951, can be found in such newspapers as Morning Bulletin, Cairns Post, Townsville Daily Bulletin, and some other newspapers. The sport event was held on the 30th of January 1951. Most articles concerning Nancye Bolton’s success in the championship of 1951 can be found in the local newspapers. There were no any commentaries about the championship a week before the event. It means there was no any fanfare for Nancye Bolton’s success. All the articles appeared in the press on the 31-st of January, 1951, the next day of the championship’s final. The articles which report on Nancye Bolton’s success at the Championship of 1951 do not contain any biographical facts, including her age, her country of origin, her weight and height, as well as some additional information, including her family status, her hobby and etc. The reporters do not discuss the physical condition of the tennis player. The article Australian Title to Savitt. McGregor Defeated. Tennis Championships in White City and the article Tennis. McGregor Outclassed by Savitt contain the same information about the event. The reports pay much attention to men’s tennis, while women’s tennis is not highly publicized. For example, in the above mentioned articles, the reported do not mention about women’s tennis in the title. The other fact that can be used to prove the above statement is the article in Barrier Miner, a newspaper of Broken Hill, Australia, Tennis Star Has Complaint. In this article, Nancye Bolton complains that “women players receive no encouragement in Australia” (Barrier Miner, 30 November1951, p.9). It means that the problems of women players are ignored by the officials. For example, Nancye Bolton and Thelma Long asked for the financial help from the Lawn Tennis Association in Australia to make a trip to Wimbledon Championship, but they did not receive any response to their letter. CONCLUSION In conclusion, it is necessary to say that although tennis is Australia have always been very popular, the press coverage of Nancye Wynne Bolton’s sixth Australian Tennis Championship was rather poor. Only several newspapers represented information concerning Nancye Bolton’s success. However, this information was not enough to report the event in the proper way.

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