Shooting at Jake’s Bar and Grill

The behavior of an individual is affected by various factors which can lead to the unpredictable or even aggressive behavior. In this respect, the case of Mr. Q and the shooting at Jake’s Bar and Grill perfectly proves the fact that the aggressive behavior of Mr. Q is determined mainly by external and psychological factors, which should be taken into consideration while developing the defensive strategy in relation to the defense of Mr. Q. At the same time, it is important to take into consideration the behavior of people at Jake’s Bar and Grill, namely employees and patrons working at the bar as well as the behavior of the bartender. In such a way, it is possible to base the defense of Mr. Q on the ground that the shooting was provoked by psychological factors which could not be totally controlled by Mr. Q and, what is more important, his aggressive behavior was provoked by the bartender and patrons of Jake’s Bar and Grill as well as the lack of the effective security system of the bar.

On analyzing motives and causes of the aggressive behavior of Mr. Q resulting in shooting, it is primarily necessary to dwell upon psychological factors. In this respect, it should be said that the psychological state of Mr. Q was apparently unstable because of the excessive consumption of alcohol, which increased consistently the risk of aggression from the part of Mr. Q. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to his internal psychological state. At this point, it is possible to presuppose that he could have some serious psychological trauma or problems, for instance, problems with his relatives, for instance wife or children, which actually provoked the excessive consumption of alcohol and the following aggression. In addition, the personnel of Jake’s Bar and Grill have failed to prevent the aggression and, what is more, aggravated the psychological state of Mr. Q through the refusal to sell drinks he was willing to order, which, i.e. refusal, could have been made in a rude or offensive form.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that the behavior of Mr. Q was absolutely unacceptable since he violated basic legal norms concerning the use of fire arms. To put it more precisely, he had no right to use the weapon against people who did not threaten to his health, life and property. Moreover, he caused serious injuries to five patrons. Finally, he threatened to the health and life of all people who were present at the moment of shooting at Jake’s Bar and Grill.

In such a situation, it is necessary to develop the defense of Mr. Q on the premise that the aggression and shooting was provoked by employees of the bar and that Mr. Q was not fully responsible for his actions at the moment of shooting. To put it more precisely, the bartender could have stopped selling alcohol to Mr. Q before his behavior became inadequate or, alternatively, he could refuse to sell alcohol in a polite and respectable form avoiding offense of Mr. Q, which provoked his aggression. Moreover, it is not only the guilt of Mr. Q that the shooting had started but it is also the result of the inadequate security system within Jake’s Bar and Grill. Finally, the psychological state of Mr. Q was inadequate and he could not be responsible for his actions, which he could not even control and shooting was provoked by his environment, namely employees of Jake’s Bar and Grill, rather than by Mr. Q himself.

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