Sweden as the Second Happiest Nation in the World: How Is It Connected with Gambling?


Today, more than one billion people of the world’s population are known to be regular gaming enthusiasts. These figures are gradually growing, and it’s expected that the rates will increase over the years.

Gambling among Swedish people is not something that you could consider a problem. Evidently, excessive gambling is associated with a variety of negative consequences like poor relationships, financial troubles, depressive episodes, risks of committing suicide, and criminal activity among others. Research suggests that gambling makes people in many ways happier, and Sweden is not an exception.

Below you’ll find evidence that the happiness of the Swedish nation is in many respects connected with the growth of gambling in the country.

Why Swedes Are Considered the Happiest People in the World?

When tourists visit Sweden, they often notice that people here are fully satisfied with their lives. The locals enjoy the sunshine, walk around the beach, get enough exercises every day, and go camping. The general level of happiness usually rises in late spring when beautiful spring arrives soon after the nasty winter. Even during the craziest lack of sunshine in wintertime, Swedes feel completely happy.

As a result, in line with the recent survey, Sweden has earned a reputation of the second happiest nation across the world. The survey has compared over 30 different well-developed nations in line with the next criteria:

All these aspects affect the happiness of each nation considerably. The same goes about Sweden. There are different measures of happiness, including:

The research showed that the high level of community exists among Swedish people to a great extent simply because around 90% of people here believe that they can fully rely on someone they know whenever they need it. Swedish ability to make friends is another widespread criterion. It cannot be compared with the friendliness of the US people. Here everyone seems to be very amiable, being always eager to help you out.

In casinos, you also have an increased feeling of community when playing table games with other players. This is also one of the reasons to feel happy, and Swedes have a chance to experience it almost every day.

There isn’t any data proving that it’s true but it’s considered that when taking time to relax, one can enjoy life to the fullest. Drinking coffee with colleagues and friends creates a bond between them and they often have the sense of unity.

With over 9 million Swedes, the country offers many outdoor activities to their local citizens. This is supposed to stimulate the quality of life and make people much happier. Tourists here have a chance to ride a bike, go swimming, camping, or fishing, as well as enjoy hiking activities to the fullest. Here you can examine any land you like by getting away from cities and enjoying the natural world.

Living green makes people happy, and Swedes know exactly how to do it correctly. From eating organic products to sustainable traveling, Sweden is an entirely eco-friendly nation. Everyone knows that long morning trips in your car do not make you happy.

In fact, Swedes do not even require any car. Buses, trams and trains go anywhere they want, even to the smallest cities. Along with convenient public vehicles, Sweden is known to have full access to clean water and air in line with the survey. As a result, achieving perfect environmental norms and standards is what makes Swedes happier.

It’s no surprise that long working hours influence your health badly and increase the levels of stress. Swedes work fewer hours and have paid vacations. This makes them much happier even if to compare them with the American nation.

Other Reasons to Feel Happy: Gambling and Casino Entertainment

A person’s body has lots of hormones that regulate the way you feel at the present moment. Gambling can help stimulate the emotional side of your mind. What makes you feel happy is playing online games and engaging in quality casinos activities. Overall, gambling activities trigger the reward system in the bran and boost the feeling of pleasure and motivation, which helps you feel much better and become a happier person.

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