Terrorist activity of Hezbollah

Hezbollah, from the moment of its creation,|making| almost constantly has been in war.  Terrorism (including international terrorism) is an integral part of Hezbollah activity. According to some western sources, from 1980 to 2000 Hezbollah carried out 52 acts of terrorism in Lebanon, Kuwait and Argentina. In 1990 organization made 19 terrorist attacks. In 1991 Hezbollah was responsible for|after| 52 attacks, in 1992 ”“ for 63 attacks.  And in 1993 ”“ the group undertook 158 armed operations.

The fighters of Hezbollah are subjected to intensive ideological indoctrination. They are suggested an idea that the death in the name of Allah will expiate their sins|limb|.

Western special services included sheikh Hussein Fadlallah in the list of the most dangerous terrorists of the world|peace|.

Hezbollah conducts guerrilla warfare in Southern Lebanon against Israeli presence and constantly attacks the territories of Northern Israel.



Timeline of Hezbollah operations

● July 19, 1982 – in Beirut Hezbollah militants kidnapped David Dodge, the president of American university in Beirut. In a year Dodge was set free with Syrian secret service assistance.

● April 18, 1983 ”“ Hezbollah blew up a truck laden with explosive near the USA embassy in Lebanon. 63 persons were killed and 120 were injured.

● October 23, 1983 – explosions|blastoff| of American barracks (242 persons were killed) and French|julienne| barracks (58 persons were killed) in Lebanon. Explosions|blastoff| were carried out by suicide bombers, who drove trucks laden with explosive into barracks.

● November 4, 1983 ”“ headquarters of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was attacked in Tira. 21 soldiers were killed and 10 were wounded.  |head-office|

● January 18, 1984 ”“ Hezbollah assassinated Malcolm Kerr, the next president of American university in Beirut. Hezbollah representatives said that this murder had been a part of campaign to banish Americans from Lebanon.

● March 7, 1984 ”“ Hezbollah militants kidnapped Jeremy Levin, Bureau chief of CNN in Beirut. He managed to escape.

● March 16, 1984 – Hezbollah militants kidnapped CIA operative William Buckley. Buckley was murdered.

● August 12, 1984 ”“ Hezbollah organized an explosion|blastoff| near the USA air-base in Spain. 18 persons were killed and 83 were wounded.

● September 20, 1984 – suicide bomber set off an explosion|blastoff| near the American embassy in Beirut|Bayreuth|. 23 persons were killed and 21 were injured, including American and British ambassadors.

● June 14, 1985 ”“ Hezbollah militants seized a plane going from Rome to Athens and forced pilots to fly to Beirut|Bayreuth|. Two terrorist required to free a few|a little| hundreds of prisoners from Israeli prisons|jail|. 8 members|limb| of crew and 145 passengers were held captive during|for| 17 days. One passenger was killed. All hostages were set free soon.

● March 16, 1985 – Terry Anderson, the chief Middle East correspondent was taken hostage by Hezbollah in Lebanon. He was released only on December 4, 1991.

● October 21, 1986 – Hezbollah militants kidnapped Edward Tracy, an American citizen in Beirut.  He was set free only on August, 1991.

● February 17|feb.|, 1988 ”“ Hezbollah captured Colonel William Higgins, commander of the UK peacekeeping mission on Lebanon. Terrorists required the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the territory of Lebanon.  The American government refused to enter into negotiations. William Higgins was assassinated.

● 1992 ”“ Hezbollah was accused of attacking Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires.

● 1994 ”“ Hezbollah attacked AMIA (Argentine Jewish Mutual Aid Association) cultural center in Buenos Aires.

● 2000 ”“ Israel accused Hezbollah of kidnapping three Israeli soldiers (two soldiers and an officer). An officer was subsequently released in exchange for Palestinians in 2004.

● January 15, 2008 – was accused of bombing of a US Embassy vehicle in Beirut. Two US Embassy employers were wounded.

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